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Adelaida Santana Pellicier, Ph.D.
VP of Latino Concerns 2008-11
Service to El Pueblo
The end of all education should surely be service to others. We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community...Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own.
César Chávez
Bienvenidos! Welcome
The above quote promotes my platform and vision for LatNet. LatNet and AMCD exist for the progress and prosperity of our community of professionals in conjunction with the communities we serve. Service to our communities is transmitted in a multiple ways: it may generate from service to each other in LatNet to AMCD to ACA, to our immediate communities, i.e., our prójimo and Pueblo. My service to you as VP for Latino Concerns will continue to be framed with transparency of about association matters and issues, members’ needs, and information to improve on our work. I hope that this air of transparency will be achieved through frequent e-communiqués to you and the LatNet Webpage.
Service is the theme for this inaugural edition of The LatNet Webpage, as we highlight the contributions of some of our members to the health and prosperity of our associations, our profession, and our  LatNet Pueblo.
Through my mission of service, I have continued the Sofrito Team, as a team of advisors and contributors to meeting the goals of LatNet. The Sofrito team is another example of how Latinas y Latinos embrace and operationalize service. This team is comprised of LatNet members who, when called upon to formulate action to one of the stated goals for this year, agreed de Corazón and vigor to accept leadership and forged with the task. Anyone may volunteer at any moment to offer ideas, highlight your own contributions to your local community, share new strategies for working with Latinos and La Familia. Volunteers are needed in every aspect of LatNet as we attempt to meet our goals and the needs expressed in the Needs Assessment Survey. Please contact me at Adelaida.Santana@nau.edu with your suggestions and/or contributions.
Chávez’ quote is also a reminder that LatNet members conduct their own individual and collective service projects within their respective communities. We, as Latinos, have been raised to not only take pride in our familia  but in El pueblo. Ideologically and practically, to us, they are one: our pueblo is our familia.
Our first responsibility in servicing others is to become educated on behalf of our familias and El pueblo in order to contribute to the health and prosperidad of our pueblo in the vein of our padres and padrinos like César Chávez, Ché, Paulo Freire have before us. Our individual successes and our collective consciousness of el pueblo, and nuestras familias emanate from them. They model for us a core belief in our families of helping El Pueblo y el prójimo. They live inside us daily as inspirations for our own comport. Each of us, therefore, in our own distinct and creative way, continues the legacy to serve our Pueblo: to contribute/contribuir, wherever we are.  
Diane Estrada is one of one of our Latinas who embraces service to El Pueblo at home at University of Colorado, Denver. For her service to LatNet and leadership in designing  the LatNet Needs Assessment Survey and sending it out to you, my special gratitude.  Diane is also the LatNet VP Elect, in office
July 1, 2011. Results will be posted in this webpage soon. LatNet will address these needs as we move ahead in the next year.
Carlos Zalaquett serves also as a clear example of  Chávez’ notion of service through his diligence to serve as the technical director and advisor of this inaugural page.  Carlos immediately accepted openly and willingly this role and large responsibility. Together, we took on an idea that had been ruminating for at least 2 years in LatNet. Gracias, miles, Carlos, for forging ahead and creating a page in which we can take pride.
This Spring also marks the inaugural project of the Service Day, testifying  to Chávez’ quote. The 2009 Giving Back to the Community Project: Building Unity and Vision, March 20th, 9:00 AM — 4:00 PM, Hilton Hotel Dunn Room, is a joint project of: Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development (AMCD); Counselors for Social Justice (CSJ); Association of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues in Counseling (ALGBTIC); National Institute for Multicultural Competence (NIMC).This is a group project and an effort implemented by many members throughout ACA. Its tremendous task of coordination has been undertaken by Kent Butler on behalf of AMCD, and promises to help youth in our host city of Charlotte, N.C.  I am proud and excited to be associated with this effort as part of the AMCD Executive Council. Service Day is a seminal project. The effort combines a morning session helping our male youth to think about and plan for the future. Another session is scheduled for that afternoon at a middle school with seminars on self-esteem, provided by AMCD members. These sessions underscore the notion of sí se puede/yes, we can, no matter the present mindset and circumstance of participating youth.
In AMCD and LatNet, our challenge is to continue the legacy of our padres & padrinos wherever we are.  Service Day was initiated this year and will be continued in 2010, in Pittsburgh; in 2011, New Orleans. Step forward now to envision and explore how we can pay it forward  in LatNet and leave our Pueblo and  communities, a little better than we found them, for The quality of our service and our relationships to humanity is the true index of our success MLK, Jr.).
We welcome you to our inaugural page.
Adelaida Santana Pellicier, Ph. D.
AMCD VP  for  Latino Concerns
Annual Report

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LATINO GOALS - 2008/2009

Following the classic poem of Antonio Machado (Translation: Traveler, there is no path, you make your path as you walk), the LAT NET ascribed VP goals for the year, 2008/2009:

  • Strengthen community outreach activities at the national and international levels by establishing contact with regional and international professionals to provide input and communication to and from the organization that respond from actual needs of communities (i.e., Latino, S/C America/Caribe) involvement this past year).

  • Establish meetings at the national conference’s host cities with the Latino professional community for input and collaboration. Invite community to Latino sessions.

  • Expand The Newsletter.

  • Identify, support, and highlight an effective program on/for Latinos, MC/SJ, from one of our member institutions/university and report in each Newsletter ¡Que Pasa en ___________ (Name of Institution)!

  • Increase membership in ACA/AMCD and LAT-NET.

  • Plan and implement  a Leadership Workshop to be led by Patricia Arredondo and identified  members with the vision of discovering and mentoring Latino leaders.

  • Develop Website and include training modules and resources on Latino counseling and MCC.

  • Develop Latino–sensitive educational sessions for the convention, working with AMCD and ACA to include reviewers.

  • Develop a training model for the Latino Sensitive Counseling Competencies.

  • Explore through a needs assessment procedure how AMCD and LAT-NET can meet the needs of our members.

  • Support and collaborate with national and international Latino counseling associations and educational institutions and programs.

  • Expand counseling networks to enhance professional development, research, and practice.

  • Expand collaborative relationship with AMCD Ethnic Concerns groups and support the AMCD strategic plans and objectives.

  • Mentor students & new professionals.





Sofrito, a mixture of vegetables and spices, is the foundation of our criolla cuisine. The LAT-NET’s core group of volunteers interested in pursuing special projects was established as the Sofrito Team by Maritza Gallardo-Cooper. This year our team has been G. Miguel Arciniega, Ph. D, Arizona State U.; Laura Alarcón, San Francisco State University; Patricia Arredondo, Ed. D., U. of Wisconsin, Milwaukee; José Maldonado, Ph.D., Monmouth U.; Helda Montero, Ed.S., University of Florida; Ade Santana Pellicier, Ph.D. Northern Arizona U. Edil Torres-Rivera, Ph.D., University of Florida Grisobelle Virella-Carujo Universidad de Puerto Rico, and Carlos Zalaquett, Ph.D. University of South Florida.

We welcome your joining us. Contributions to all our efforts as we address Latino concerns and to this newsletter are welcome. We would like to highlight our member’s efforts as well as keep LAT-NET members informed of AMCD Executive Council matters.

La tierra no nos deja olvidar
[reproducido con permiso del diario Centro Tampa]
Los terremotos son uno de los desastres naturales que tienen el poder de cambiar radicalmente la vida de las personas....
Carlos P. Zalaquett, Ph.D.



Congratulations & Felicitaciones to our hermano Edil Torres Rivera AMCD President Elect, Elect

aqui todos trabajamos por lo mismo -- igualdad, justicia, y harmonia.” Edil, 20009

Felicitaciones, Edil. We look forward to a dynamic, productive and heart-felt administration. From your many admirers, supporters and your many hermanos academicos:

Muy apreciado Edil saludos con mucha alegría al celebrar este reconocimiento a tu gran liderazgo y contribución al campo del multiculturalismo y lucha por una práctica más justa. También celebro la unión de estas organizaciones. Así podremos lograr mucho mas. Recibe un abrazo con mucho orgullo. Tus logros son nuestros logros. Paz,


Congrats Edil!! I’ll give all the support I can to assist you in reorganizing AMCD, again!...  Congrats again and  everybody check out Edil’s fun photos from our Nicaraguan excursion on my Facebook page!       


Aloha all,
Congrats Edil!!  This is wonderful news!
I am looking forward to working with you during our presidential year...Much can happen as we join together to work on joint projects with AMCD and CSJ.  … so I am hopeful that all three divisions can join together in a multicultural/social work.


For More information on Edil: http://www.coe.ufl.edu/Counselor/MeetingUs/Torres.php



Dr. Maritza I. Gallardo-Cooper West Palm Beach, FL

Dr. Gallardo-Cooper is a Latina practitioner who has been practicing for over 20 years. She is passionate about her work and has presented at state and national conferences. Dr Gallardo-Cooper has extensive clinical experience with Latino populations and Latinos in training. She is co-author of  Counseling Latinos and la familia: A Practical Guide, a publication of Sage. So reads part of a biographical sketch on her professional activities. As a Latina, I know that professional and personal spill into each other creating a richness in both worlds, and stress.

Her colleague, Miguel calls her Minga, I call her Amor. Maritza exudes both and more: Maritza is friend; young of heart and spirit, willing to work hard and diligently, pregnant with hope and fortitude, stamina, resilience, initiative, possibilities; friendly, she waves her smile  your direction and captivates, embraces,  infects. She is laughter, commitment, intelligence, intuition. She is academic madrina: enlightening, coaching, mentoring, guiding, proving, motivating, socratizing. She is collaborator, writer, creator, developer, counselor, therapist, Psychologist. She gets things done, efficiently!!! Maritza is an approachable, down-to-earth scholar. Those of us-and we are many-know you for these attributes and for your personal commitment to all of us which you have demonstrated through the years. We have missed your leadership this year in ACA and AMCD as well as in many of your professional endeavors. Your absence has been felt and although not physically present, you have continued to offer me your counsel as I took over the VP for Latino Concerns. Your shoes have been difficult to fill but then, eres Única.

Mamita, You  are also mother, sister, daughter, wife. But it was time to be with tu familia, who needed you most. We’ve relied on you and it was time to let us fend better and rely on each other as a team. We love, respect, admire you as you served us.  You are a model for all of us: you have been called to do as many of us have often been called to our personal side. As Latinas/os we know the importance of family. On behalf of  our  scholastic  familia, we extend our gratitude y gracias and our deep-heartfelt sorrow for your loss of Papi, de corazón te enviamos nuestro pésame.                                           

                         Mamita Ade

Click here to access a page with a brief video by Dr. Maritza-Gallardo.



Dr. G. Miguel Ariciniega, Academic Padrino, & Academic Ahijada, Zoila Tovar-Blank


AMCD Presidents’ Reception, Hawaii, 2008

Dr. G. Miguel Arciniega is an Associate Professor in the Program of Counseling and Counseling Psychology at Arizona State University. He has authored over 35 articles and book chapters in state, national, and professional journals including a book on Parenting Models and Mexican Americans. His work focuses on cultural issues with multicultural populations and multicultural counseling. He has consulted and presented workshops throughout the country at professional conferences, mental health groups, and various educational and business sectors on diversity, multicultural counseling, and working with Latinos. He has served on several editorial boards of state and national journals, as well as serves on several state and local community boards. He has also served on several ACA Committees and belongs to several Divisions in ACA. He is former Vice President for the Association of Multicultural Counseling & Development (AMCD) Latino Concerns. Dr. Arciniega has received the College of Education Faculty Diversity Award, the Association of Multicultural Development Cesar Chavez Award, & Distinguished Professional for the National Latina/o Psychological Association. He teaches courses in Multicultural Counseling, Marriage & Family Therapy, Personality Theories,  Counseling Latinos, Community Counseling, and Practicum.  

Click here to access a page with a brief video by Dr. Arcinieaga.

Zoila Tovar-Blank  is defending her dissertation this April 17th at Arizona State University. The title of her dissertation presentation is A Qualitative Investgation of Academic Persistence of Biracial College Undergraduates. We know that Zoila is ready because the date has been scheduled and because of  Dr. Arciniega’s guidance. As her Academic Padrino, Dr. Arciniega has been proud and blessed to find such a creative, energetic, diligent, and knowledgeable researcher. My own experiences with her have been enlightening. Give her a task and she returns with a thorough and often better product  more than expected!  A picture of excelencia.

She is creative and has proven to be a leader in her coordination of presentations and delivery of information. She exudes confidence and knowledge coupled with warmth persistence. She exemplifies an emerging leader and has published as well as presented in a multitude of multicultural issues. She is a collaborator in developing the Latino Counseling Competencies, a seminal contribution to Counseling Latinos.

From my perspective, her relationship with advisor, mentor and padrino  M. Arciniega, it has been a symbiotic and a model of academic padrino/ahijada relationship. The master has brought forth another master.

Felicitaciones, Zoila.


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