Logic Model

Population of focus:

  • Children birth through age 8 & family members at risk of disrupted relationships due to:
    • foster care placement or risk of placement
    • prenatal exposure to alcohol / other substances
    • at risk of expulsion or exclusion from an early learning and care setting &/or
    • presence of other environmental stressors (i.e. domestic violence, poverty, caregiver mental illness)
  • Living in Sarasota County
  • In need of multi-agency interventions from at least 2 community services

  Service System Profile Community Profile
  • Long standing early childhood professional expertise
  • Many partnerships already established
  • Interested educational institutions
  • Established family networks
  • Many active community partnerships
  • Interested in mobilizing financial assets & social capital
  • Existing, strong faith-based community
  • Challenges
  • Gaps in service continuum (e.g. screening, referral, crisis stabilization, respite)
  • Shortage of services/trained providers to address unmet needs of diverse community
  • High rates of turnover in child care & case management
  • Decreased funding for schools & child care
  • Changes in Medicaid policies & funding
  • Geographic / county distinctions & access issues
  • High mobility within & outside of county

  • Strategies

    Linkage / Connection:  Networks of people, services, and systems will be connected through relationships, structures, policies and processes.

    Service expansion / Enhancement:  The range of services and supports available in the community will be expanded, and existing services and supports will be continually improved.

    Training / Education:  Education and training will be provided to develop awareness and skills to facilitate Early Childhood Mental Health throughout the community.

    Feedback / Evaluation:  Ongoing sharing and coordination of information throughout the System of Care.

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