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School Psychology Program -
New Student Guide

Sample Schedule

Note: Here's what your schedule will tentatively look like next year.  Expect that there may be changes as classes can be switched due to individual professors' schedules.  Most first-year students will have a 16-20 hour per week assistantship. As you can see, some days, depending on where you live and your assistantship schedule, you may be at USF from morning till evening.  So, invest in a good lunch pack and plan ahead for those long days.

Potential Fall Schedule

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday



9 - 1



at a Hillsborough County

Public School



7:30 a.m. –

3:30 p.m.


Learning Theories






9 – 4:30

Time varies


Time varies




2 - 5


Adolescent or Child Development

5 - 9




5 - 9

Potential Spring Schedule

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Assessment II



9 - 1






at same school/

same time


7:30 - 3:30




Time varies


Time varies


Instructional Design


Stats II




Time varies



A walk-through of a typical week of a 1st year cohort (first semester):

Monday: We try to arrive on campus around 8:40 a.m. to look for parking. It’s usually not too bad finding parking in the parking garage next to the school of education, but in the beginning of every semester it is always worse. Between looking for a parking space and walking from the garage to the Education Building, it takes about 10 – 15 minutes. We arrive to Assessment around 8:50 a.m. Class begins at 9 a.m. In the middle of class, we’re given a 10 – 15 minute break. Class ends around 1 p.m. After class, the cohort has a 4 hour break before Adolescent or Child Development class at 5. Most of us stay on campus until class, although those of us who live closer sometimes run home for lunch or errands. We eat lunch and some people have meetings or do work for their assistantship. We go to Adolescent/Child Development class until 9pm. We have a 10-15 minute break during class. We usually bring dinner with us to class.

Tuesday: We have Seminar class at 2pm-5pm today. Most of us come to campus early because parking around 2pm can be difficult. We use this day to do work for assistantship and homework. This is usually a good day to do errands and get work done.

Wednesday: This is the day we go to our practicum site. Everyone in the cohort is assigned to an elementary school where we spend half the school day shadowing a school psychologist and the other half of the day in an elementary classroom. Typically, we arrive at the elementary school around 7:30 a.m. and are there until 3:30 p.m. In case you were wondering, here's the general dress code for practicum: You do not have to wear closed toed shoes (although this varies by practicum site) You should NOT wear a suit. Many of us wear khakis, tailored slacks, or skirts, and button down shirts or blouses (men can wear polos). After practicum, we drive to campus for our Learning Theories class. This class starts at 5pm and goes until 9pm. We have a 10-15 minute break during this class. Most of us eat dinner during break or during class. We are usually quite tired after the long day at practicum and class, we go to bed relatively early.

Thursday: We have Statistics at 5 p.m. – 8:50 p.m. so we typically spend the day doing work at our assistantships. We all have different assistantships, which the School Psychology Department basically assigns us to during orientation. After statistics, we either go home or our cohort would go out and have some sort of social life.

Friday: We spend a 9 – 5 day at our assistantships. Occasionally, you can do work for your assistantship without having to come to an office (such as search for articles or read them), so people also study on Fridays, and maybe do work for their assistantships on the weekends. Fridays are also good days to run errands and be social. Weekends: To be perfectly honest, we spend a lot of the weekends doing schoolwork, then we reward ourselves by going out at night. Plan on committing 6 hours a day towards studying. Obviously, some weekends you’ll spend more than others studying. We all highly recommend working ahead on long term projects when it seems like you have a little amount of work presently due.



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