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School Psychology Program -
New Student Guide

Money and Expenses

Paying Tuition

Financial Aid


School Psychology Organization Membership Fees

Other Expenses

International Student Expenses

Paying Tuition

  • It is possible that the majority of tuition will be paid for you by USF (more specifically, your assistantship or our department). This will vary from year-to-year based on the budget.  

  • Be aware that you are responsible for paying a $77 (approximate) student fee for every credit hour you are taking. Your tuition waiver from your assistantship does not cover this.  There are 19 credit hours in the first fall semester.

  • Additional fees include: a $35 New Graduate Student Fee that all first year students are responsible for paying, a $37 student activities fee as well as additional fees as required by the courses you are taking. 

  • Total fees from the registrar’s office that you are responsible for:  

    • In state - if you've had a FL drivers license for at least one year: 19 hours is approximately $1,474 (This does not include additional fees listed above.)

    • Out of state:  19 hours is approximately $1469 (This does not include additional fees listed above.)

  • You can pay these fees with a credit card online through OASIS (also linked in bottom left corner of most USF web pages). You can set-up an OASIS account after you get a student id number.

    - once you log in, click on "tuition, fees, & payment"

    - then click "pay by credit card"

    - next, in the pull down menu, select Fall 2012

    - To get your exact amount owed, you must check on your specific amount owed in OASIS "View my account summary."

  • If you can pay these fees before orientation starts, it will probably make your life much easier in the long run. However, you may need to wait until loans or fellowship funds are disbursed. Make sure your loans or fellowship show on your financial aid statement in OASIS. You may need to get an extension from the Financial Aid office if funds do not disburse before tuition deadline, so that you can register (and stay registered) for classes.

  • In efforts to help you as best we can, we are noting apparent expenses.  Please be aware of the fact that you will inevitably have expenses that you did not anticipate. SAVE ACCORDINGLY!!!!!

  • Out-of-state checks may not clear for 5 days, so it's better to get a bank check to deposit when you get here rather than writing a check from your old checking account to open your new one.  In addition, once you deposit any kind of check (either in or out of state) into a new bank account, they may hold your check for as long as 30 days—this may affect payment of rent, etc. so plan accordingly. 

  • Banks close to campus with free checking for students:  Wachovia, Bank of America, & SunTrust

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Financial Aid

If you are applying for financial aid, be sure to submit your FAFSA EARLY!  The sooner your budget is determined, the sooner you will receive your loan check.

Each student is assigned a financial aid counselor.  Make sure you find out who that person is.  You can either call or drop by the Financial Aid Office to find out. Students are assigned counselors by the last four digits of their social security number.

Make sure you tell your Financial Aid counselor that you are taking 19 graduate credit hours.  The Financial Aid Office does not have access to this information.  Financial aid budgets are based on a standard of 9 graduate credit hours.  Inform your counselor IMMEDIATELY that you will be taking more than double the amount of credits.

NOTE:  Please be aware that the amount of loan money you accept (or are eligible to receive) will be substantially different once your tuition waivers go through.  For example, one of our students was offered and accepted a Federal Stafford Loan totaling $8500 for the 2003-2004 school year.  After the student’s tuition waivers went through, the government adjusted the student’s “perceived financial need”, and reduced the loan from $8500 to $2200 for that current school year.

You will need to fill out a Budget Adjustment Form to account for these extra credits in your eligibility for more loan money.  Your counselor may not suggest this to you as an option. Be sure to ask your counselor about this form and have him/her explain to you how to fill one out.  You will not be allowed to submit this until approximately the second week of classes, and it takes about 2-4 weeks to process.  Do not plan on seeing any financial aid funds for about the first month of classes.  Also, save all of your receipts for books and school supplies.  You will need them for your budget adjustment.   Also, financial aide loans are disbursed in two segments.  One right after your adjustment goes through, and the other at the midpoint of the semester.

Make sure you set the above suggestions in motion before your loan check is processed.  If not, you may find that your loan disbursement is less than you had anticipated.

  • Last but not least, if you do happen to experience financial aid difficulties – which most students will not! -  be sure to constantly keep track of progress being made.  Call your counselor weekly or daily, if you have to.  Again, most students will not experience financial aid difficulties. The above suggestions are only recommended in the event that you do.
  • Whether you experience difficulties or not, it is highly recommended that you keep up with your account on OASIS.
  • For more information regarding financial aid, go to this link:

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Other Expenses


You should expect many expenses when you first arrive to Tampa. Here are as many as we can think of. (Don’t shoot the messenger! We thought it would be better for you to be prepared and to know what to expect).

  • Parking Permit for one year: $161 (2009-2010)
  • Health Insurance: varies
  • Deposits for apartments:  varies
  • Move-in expenses: varies
  • Electric bill: Turn-on fees of up to $250 dollars
  • Phone, Internet, and cable: Fees are high per month.  Many consider using a cell phone as both home and business phone.  Different complexes provide packages for internet and cable so inquire to see if there are any discounts.

Furniture: It takes a while to get acclimated to the various stores in Tampa and the surrounding areas.  Note that you can get some pretty nice furniture from Rooms-To-Go for very, very LOW prices! There’s a  Discount Rooms-To-Go on Rt 4 going East.  And oftentimes they have special deals where you don’t have to pay for over 2 years.  Also check out the  Closest Costco or Sam’s Club—they also have some furniture.  Other furniture stores in the area include:  American Signature Home, Thomasville Furniture, Pier 1 Imports, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, and Z Gallery.

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  • Expect to pay between $1100 - $1400 on books for your first semester. You are also going to need to have a good stopwatch, a clipboard, and a digital recorder for a class first semester. Second semester, you need a tape player that plays out loud.  This is a lot, but some of these books and materials will be used in later classes, and this is the most you will ever pay for books.  You can also ask advanced students to borrow some of their books.  If you join NASP, you will find a number of books that are about $15 less than in the bookstore.

  • To be perfectly honest, the majority of us purchase books online rather than from the USF bookstore.  With some books, if you order them in bulk directly from the publisher, the books will be less expensive.  This won't really be that feasible for the 1st semester, but we definitely recommend doing that second semester.  Other places that we have found textbooks at a cheaper rate are and

  • The books you will need for first semester may change by year, depending on release of new versions or choices by the professor. To find out the books currently required for each class, vist You will need the course number and section to find a listing of required books for each course. After you regster, you can use OASIS for a listing of required books for each class under the link "Reserve Textbooks" at the start of each semester.

  • We strongly advise investing in binders for classes.  We recommend 2 inch binders for Assessment I and II, Statistics, and Graduate Seminar. 1.5 inch binders will be fine for the other classes. Take into account how much you estimate yourself spending on school supplies.

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School Psychology Organization Membership Information

The School Psychology Department strongly urges you to join NASP and FASP.   You may do so at and Just click on MEMBERSHIP and follow the prompts. NASP student membership fees are $70 and FASP student membership fees are $25. If you do not have Internet access, you may join NASP over the phone by calling (301)-657-0270.  

The websites also have information about upcoming the NASP and FASP annual conventions.  This year, the FASP convention will be held October 28-31, 2015 (in Orlando Area) while the NASP convention will be held February 10-13, 2016 (in New Orleans).  Many of our students attend (and present at) these conventions. 

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International Student Expenses

Please visit the International Students page in this guide for more information specific to international student expenses.

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