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School Psychology Program -
New Student Guide

Welcome and congratulations on
your acceptance to the
School Psychology Program
at the University of South Florida!

We are so excited to have you here with us! 

Important Things for New Students to Know  

This is information that current and former students believe is important for new students to know. It is being passed on to you in the hope that it will make your first semester a little easier than it otherwise would have been. Please note that the views expressed in this guide are the opinions of past and current School Psychology students and does not necessarily reflect the viewpoints of the School Psychology Program, the Department of Educational and Psychological Studies, the program/department faculty, the program/department staff or the University of South Florida.

Note: This web site is not meant to overwhelm you.  We understand that you have a million questions and this is our way of providing you with helpful answers to read at your leisure.  There are several items included in this site that you can take care of before you arrive to make a smoother transition to graduate school (e.g. getting a USF parking permit).  DO NOT PANIC if you are not able to complete all of these things. You will have time during orientation and the first few weeks of class to complete anything you have not done.  However, orientation is busy so you might be happier if you get it done now. 

Contact your student mentor.  Remember, we have all been in your shoes.  We understand that you will probably have a new question everyday, so don’t be afraid to e-mail or call your mentors.   

Request your immunization records be delivered to USF health services by the first day of orientation (or hand deliver them when you get here). If USF Student Health has not received your immunization records, you will not be able to register for classes during orientation.

Budget your money carefully. Take care of any Financial Aid paperwork. Unexpected expenses are going to arise. Be aware that often Financial Aid does not take tuition waivers and the large amount of hours that School Psychology first year students take. Please contact the School Psychology program specialist if you plan to utilize financial aid assistance.

Remember to bring along your personal documents. If you are hired as a Graduate Assistant, you will need to sign your offer letter (contact School Psych. Program Specialist for more information). You will also need to bring in your ID/Social Security Card or your Passport for your new hire paperwork. You will also need a blank check so you can sign up for direct deposit.

Locate an apartment. We suggest doing this at least 3 weeks before orientation starts.  We also recommend making a trip to Tampa ahead of time in order to secure an apartment. Browse our apartment information website or talk to your mentor about your options.

Purchase a parking permit for USF.  This info is included in the "car and parking" section of this guide.

Orientation Week

A number of activities occur during your first week of orientation, including some fun outdoor activities and a number of program information sessions.  You will receive e-mails and information on a schedule of activities for oreintation in the summer before your August matriculation.



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