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 College of Education
   Student Academic Services, EDU106
   Phone: (813) 974-1804

Wellness Leadership (EDPETBPW)

Admission into the College of Education requires the satisfactory completion of all criteria listed below:

Note: CLAST is required for admission for all College of Education students except for Wellness Leadership and Athletic Training majors.  These students, however, must still satisfy the University's requirements as it relates to CLAST. The requirements can be found in the University Undergraduate Catalog.

  1 ____ 2.5 Overall GPA

  2 ____ AA Degree from a Florida Public Institution or all USF's General Education Requirements Met
              USF's General Education Requirements are as follows (met with Florida Public AA Degree):

            ____ General Education: English (6 hours)
            ____ General Education: Math (6 hours)
            ____ General Education: Natural Sciences (6 hours)
            ____ General Education: Social Sciences (6 hours)
            ____ General Education: Historical Perspectives (6 hours)
            ____ General Education: Fine Arts (3 hours)
            ____ General Education: ALAMEA (3 hours)

  3 ____ BSC 2093: Anatomy & Physiology I with lab (if it is a 4 hour course, we automatically consider the course to include a lab)

  4 ____ BSC 2094: Anatomy & Physiology II with lab (if it is a 4 hour course, we automatically consider the course to include a lab)

  5 ____ College Algebra or higher 

  6 ____ Statistics or Pre-Calculus
              A) For Statistics, any STA coures that is listed under General Education courses, including QMB 2100.
              B) For Pre-Calculus, USF students can take MAC 1147 (4 hr course) OR take both MAC 1140 (2 hr course) and MAC 1114 (3 hr course)
              ** MAC 1140 and MAC 1114 must be taken at the same time.

  7 ____ General Psychology (PSY 2012)
  8 ____ General Nutrition (HUN 2201)
  9 ____ Survey of Chemistry or higher with lab (Any General Education Chemistry Course)

Note: This information is subject to change.  


Revised: 06/17/04