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 College of Education
   Student Academic Services, EDU106
   Phone: (813) 974-1804

Thank you for your interest in the College of Education.  In the Office of Student Academic Services (SAS), we realize this exciting time in your college career can also bring many questions.  In this web page, we have included answers to some of the most common questions asked by our students.  If we can be of any additional assistance, please schedule an appointment to meet with one of our advisors (813) 974-2458.  We are looking forward to assisting you!

Entrance Requirements

Q:    How do I apply to the College of Education?

        . . . I will be a new student at USF.

A:    You must complete the following steps:
        1.    Apply to the University and be accepted.
        2.    Submit an application to the College of Education
        3.    Attend the College of Education Orientation and register for your first semester.

        . . . I already have a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)/Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degree.

A:    If you plan to earn a second BA/BS degree, you must complete the above steps.
        If you want to earn a Master's Degree, contact the Graduate Studies Office at (813) 974-3406.

        . . . I am currently enrolled at USF.

A:    You must meet the admission requirements of the college, and then attend a College of Education orientation.

Q:    What are the admission requirements?

A:    In order to be eligible to enter the College of Education, you must meet the following requirements:

Q:    Do I need to take a foreign language?

A:    Yes.  Two years of the same foreign language in high school or two semesters of the same language in college (with passing grades) will meet the foreign language entrance requirement.

Q:    Who will tell me which transfer courses will be accepted?

A:    Initial credit is given by the Office of Admissions.  Specific course credit can be awarded by individual departments.  A signed and completed "course substitution form" is needed to verify substitutions.

Q:    Can I be a part-time/evening student in the College of Education?

A:    While courses are offered in the evening for a variety of majors, all majors require at least one semester of day time commitments (some majors require more).  These commitments will allow you to complete your field-based experiences.

Program Requirements

Q:    How long will it take me to finish my program?

A:    Including one summer term, full time students can complete most programs in five semesters.

Q:    Who is my advisor?

A:    Advisors will assist you in the Office of Student Academic Services.  You will also be assigned a program advisor upon your official admittance to the College of Education.

Other Questions

Q:    Do I need to apply to Intern and Graduate?

A:    Yes.  It is your responsibility to apply by the deadline.  Deadlines are posted in the College of Education.

Q:    Will I earn a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degree?

A:    If you have taken your foreign language at the college level and three exit courses, you will be eligible for a Bachelor of Arts.  Both degrees are equally acceptable for a teaching position and equally recognized.

Q:    What are the job opportunities and salaries in teaching?

A:    General information concerning job opportunities, critical shortage teaching areas, and salaries can be obtained from the Office of Student Academic Services.  The personnel office in each school district can provide specific information related to opportunities and salaries for their district.

Q:    What scholarships are available in the College of Education?

A:    A few scholarships are available from both the University and the College.  The Financial Aid office has listings of available scholarships.  The Office of Student Academic Services has a list of scholarships specific to education majors.

Certification Questions

Q:    Do I have to pass the Florida Teacher Certification Examination (FTCE) before I graduate with a Bachelor's Degree?

A:    Yes.  In order to be eligible to graduate, you must receive a passing score on BOTH the Professional Education Subtest, and your Subject Area Test of the Florida Teacher Certification Examinations (FTCE).

Q:    How can I add on a second certification?  Can I double major?

A:    You can double major in education and another college (i.e., Arts and Sciences).  You cannot double major within the College of Education; however, students may take additional courses to meet Florida certification requirements in other subject (i.e. a Math Education major may add on certification in English Education).  However, it will lengthen the time you will be in college.

Q:    When should I apply for my Florida Teaching Certificate?

A:    Because USF requires education majors to complete all certification exams prior to graduation, USF graduates are eligible to apply for a five-year professional certificate upon meeting employment/fingerprint requirements.

NOTE:  Because education is an evolving field, there are occasional changes.  Advisors in the Office of Student Academic Services are aware of these changes and are available to consult with you.  Additional information can be found in the USF Undergraduate Catalog.


Revised: 03/10/2004