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 College of Education
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Physical Education - K-12

Note: Students admitted for Fall 2003 may declare Physical Education for grades K-12 only as a major.  The Elementary Physical Education and Secondary Physical Education programs are no longer in existence.  Current students cannot declare this new major.

01. ___ 2.5 Overall GPA
02. ___ CLAST, Praxis I or General Knowledge Test (All sections of any ONE test must be passed prior to entrance into the College of Education)
03. ___ AA Degree from a Florida Public Institution or all USF's General Education Requirements Met
   USF's General Education Requirements are as follows (met with Florida Public AA Degree):
___ General Education: English (6 hours)
___ General Education: Math (6 hours)
___ General Education: Natural Sciences (6 hours) 
**Of the 9 hours required for the COE, courses must include an Earth Science, a Life Science, and a  Physical  Science
___ General Education: Social Sciences (6 hours)
**It is recommended that Pre-Ed students take PSY 2012 as one of the General Education Social Science courses.
___ General Education: Historical Perspectives (6 hours)
**It is recommended that Pre-Ed students take PHH 2000 AND either AMH 2010 or AMH 2020 for the Gen Ed Historical Perspective courses.
___ General Education: Fine Arts (3 hours)
___ General Education: ALAMEA (3 hours)
04. ___ 6 hours of Multicultural / International Focus (in addition to EDG 2701) 
Automatically met with Florida Public AA Degree.
05. ___ EDF 2005: Introduction to Education
06. ___ EDG 2701: Teaching Diverse Populations
07. ___ EME 2040: Introduction to Educational Technology
08. ___ 3 hours of Communication: Speech course: 
Cannot satisfy Third Social Science COE requirement. (SPC, COM or ORI prefix)
09. ___ Third Math:  Course must have a MGF, MTG, MAC, or STA prefix. A minimum of 9 semester hours in mathematics, excluding MAT 1033, and including college algebra or higher, and geometry. MGF 1106 satisfies the Geometry requirement.
10. ___ 6 hours of Humanities (must include a Fine Arts course AND a Philosophy course)
11. ___ Third Natural Science: Of the 9 hours required, courses must include 
Earth Science, Life Science, and Physical Science.
12. ___ Science Lab
13. ___ Social Science: Of the 12 hours required, 6 hours are completed in General Education.
(Courses must include an American History course AND a General Psychology course.)
14. ___ One Natural Science course must have a lab component (usually met by completing Anatomy & Physiology Lab)
15. ___ BSC 2093, BSC 2093L: Anatomy & Physiology I and LAB
16. ___
Pet 2622: Care & Prevention of Physical Injuries
BSC 2094, BSC 2094L: Anatomy & Physiology II and LAB
17. ___ HSC 2400: First Aid and CPR (must be a college-level course -- Red Cross certification will NOT meet the requirement)
* * * Skill Development courses (4 hours) and Conditioning, Fitness, and Wellness courses (3 hours) will be met within the program. * * *
Note: This information is subject to change.  

Revised: 10/27/04