University of South Florida - College of Education
International and Diversity Focus
For all education majors, a State mandated Common Prerequisite includes:

"In addition to EDG 2701 (Teaching Diverse Populations), 6 additional credit hours with an international or diversity focus is required. The eligible courses will be determined by the institution where the student is enrolled for their lower division course work (these courses must be identified in the college/university catalog)."

The College of Education faculty has reviewed the university curriculum. Below are the USF courses meeting the State of Florida's requirement that all Education majors must take at least 6 semester hours (in addition to EDG 2701) with an international and/or diversity focus. The General Education Council evaluated all of these courses as having said focus. Note:  If these courses were taken elsewhere, the transferring institution must certify that said international/diversity focus was present before this requirement can be fulfilled.


BSC 2025, Food: Personal and Global

REL 2300, Introduction to World Religions (6A) ANT 2000, Introduction to Anthropology MUL 2011, The Enjoyment of Music AFA 2000, Introduction to the Black Experience in Africa and its Diaspora (6A)

GEO 2371, Introduction to Earth Systems Science

EUH 2021, Medieval History I ANT 2410, Cultural
MUH 2051, Folk and Traditional Music of World Cultures MUH 2051, Folk and Traditional Music of World Cultures
- EUH 2022,  Medieval History II SYG 2000, Introduction to Sociology MUH 2632, Music in the United States LAH 2734, Latin American History in Film
- EUH 2030, Modern European History I INR 1015, World Perspective FIL 2001, Film: Language of Vision (6A) ANT 2000, Introduction to Anthropology
- EUH 2031, Modern European History II GEO 1930, Geography of Current Events ARH 2050, History of Visual Arts I AFS 2250,  Culture and Society in Africa (6A)
- EUH 2011, Ancient History I AMS 2030, Introduction to American Studies ARH 2051, History of Visual Arts II ANT 2410, Cultural Anthropology
- LAH 2734, Latin Amer. History in Film COM 2000, Introduction to Communications MUL 2111, Introduction of Music Literature INR 1015, World Perspectives
- EGN 2031, History of Technology POS 2080, The American Political Tradition - SPT 2524, Women Writers of Latin America

ARH 2050, History of Visual Arts I - - -
- ARH 2051, History of Visutal Arts II - - -
- AMH 2010, American History I - - -
- AMH 2020, American History II - - -
- MUL 2111, Introduction to Music Literature (6A) - - -
- AMS 2030, Introduction to American Studies - -
- REL 3501, History of Christianity (6A) - - -
- LIT 2010, Introduction to Fiction (6A) - - -
- LIT 2040, Introduction to Drama (6A) - -
- POS 2080, The American Political Tradition -
- REL 2306, Contemp. World Religions -
NOTE: (6A) denotes courses that fulfill Gordon Rule Writing     

Revised: 05/13/03