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Final Internship
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The final internship experience involves observing and teaching in an early childhood, elementary, secondary, or exceptional classroom. Internship sites include the entire spectrum of sites in the various counties served by USF. Special vocational sites are arranged through the Adult and Vocational Education Department. Other than Senior Seminar and EEX 4070, students may not enroll in additional courses during the semester in which the final internship occurs unless an exemption is granted through a petition.

The following information pertains to your final internship. Questions about level one or level two internships or practicum should be directed to the specific departments (e.g. Elementary and Special Education).

The College of Education offers students an opportunity to intern at one of our many Professional Development Schools (PDS). These sites are special public schools that are in partnership with the College of Education and very involved in teacher preparation. Attached is a short movie that will give you more information about these sites. PDS iMovie Clip

Internship Application Process (PDF) - Contact Dianne Wood, (813) 974-3440

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