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Kenny Mascarinia

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St. Louis Park, MO




I was born in St. Louis Park, Minnesota and then came to Florida right before high school.  I came to USF in 2000 where I started my general classes in engineering.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue with it.  Therefore, I was always interested in mathematics and how it related to the real world.  I became student in a new program at USF and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Statistics. 


I continued to take classes as a non-degree seeking student at USF in the Math and Statistics department.   But, I constantly tossed around different career ideas and was never sure exactly what I wanted to do.  I was offered to be a peer leader for Dr. Rebecca Wooten in the USF Department of Mathematics and Statistics in 2009.  There, I assisted professors and students in the course, STA 2023 – Introductory Statistics I.  I tutored different students on an individual basis and even lead review study sessions in a classroom prior to their exams.  This resulted in many students improving their grades.  As a result, many students thanked me tremendously for my help and dedication throughout the semester.  After this, I felt like I made a difference and it showed that I did.  I was passionate about teaching.


As a result, I then transitioned to the MAT program in Mathematics Education.  I took a few classes in Mathematics Education and loved all of them.  The MAT and Noyce STEM Scholars programs can help combine my content knowledge and it’s teaching knowledge to really make a difference to many students.  I want to be a successful teacher and really want to make mathematics real fun to learn.  I hope by doing this that many students contribute knowledge and continue to apply it to their successful careers.  I am confident that I can do this by choosing this fun career.





Dr. Jason Jude Smith, Program Manager
University of South Florida
4202 E. Fowler Ave, EDU105
Tampa, Fl 33620
Phone: 813-974-1345











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