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Advanced Graduate Handbook

Financial Assistance

Internal fellowships, grants, and scholarships available to USF students or incoming students are described under Fellowships/Scholarships at

or at Graduate Assistantships at

Information on COEDU-specific financial assistance is available under Scholarship Information at

or Financial Aid at

Limited funds are also available in the USF Graduate Studies Office to assist graduate students in special circumstances.  Typically, these funds are used to support travel for students who have papers accepted at conferences, to provide research support for out of the ordinary expenses related to the dissertation, and emergency tuition assistance.  For travel and research costs, the USF Office of Graduate Studies requests students to first approach their department or college for assistance.  USF Graduate Studies will then attempt to match the amounts.  Please contact the USF Graduate Studies Office (BEH 304) for additional information and application forms.

COEDU Graduate Assistantships, Tuition Waivers, Scholarships


Each program establishes its own criteria and application procedures for graduate assistantships.  To be eligible for an assistantship, a student must be degree-seeking and be enrolled full-time each semester.  A full-time assistantship (.50 FTE) requires graduate assistants to provide 20 hours of service per week.

Partial Tuition Waiver

A partial tuition waiver of in-state and out-of-state matriculation fees up to 12 semester hours may be available for graduate students who are appointed as graduate assistants for at least .25 FTE (10 hours of service per week).  Graduate assistants in the COEDU must apply for tuition waivers in their academic departments.  Tuition waivers for graduate assistantships offered on a grant or in a unit outside of the COEDU must be provided by the employing grant, college, or unit.  Tuition waivers are awarded for a specified academic term.  Graduate tuition waivers may not be applied to courses at the 4000 level or lower.

Information on graduate assistantships is available from the department/school offering the graduate program to which the student applies.

Maximum Hours of Tuition Waiver Eligibility

As of the spring semester 2002 graduate assistants who receive tuition waivers from the State of Florida, including fellowship recipients, are limited to a maximum of 120 waiver hours in any combination of graduate degree programs at USF.  Doctoral students entering at the Master's level in the discipline are eligible for a maximum of 90 hours of tuition waivers; doctoral students entering at the bachelor's level or with an advanced degree not relevant to the discipline are eligible for a maximum of 120 waiver hours.  Ed.S. students are eligible for no more than the minimum number of hours required for their degree and are subject to the maximum 120 waiver hours across all degree programs taken at USF. A maximum of 12 hours per semester may be funded waivers.

Out-of-State Tuition Waivers

Out-of-state tuition waivers will be provided for the first year of an assistantship or fellowship only.  Prior to the first day of class for the second year, students must establish residency or seek other means of paying the differential between in-state and out-of-state tuition.  Since establishing residency in Florida is a one-year process for graduate assistants (not considered full-time employees), all out-of-state students who intend to establish residency must complete the Residency Wizard/ Registrar's Ofice requirements and demonstrate this to their program director within the very stringent time frame before the start of classes.  Information on establishing residency can be found on the Graduate School homepage.






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Advanced Handbook
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Financial Assistance


Adv Grad Forms


Most forms are available on the COEDU website.  Go to the homepage, click on "Adv Grad forms" under "Important Information."

OR check the "Forms" web page of USF Graduate Studies

Thesis & Dissertation
(on Graduate Studies website)






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