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Advanced Graduate Handbook

Administration of Qualifying Examination
for College-Wide Option  

  1. Any exceptions to the general policies of the administration of the examinations must be communicated by the Major Professor in writing to the COEDU Coordinator of Graduate Studies, who in turn will share that with the proctor(s).

  2. Prior to the scheduled administration, the COEDU Coordinator of Graduate Studies will deliver test packets and instructions to the department responsible for proctoring.

  3. Students must use machines and software approved by the College. The machines and software currently approved and available for use are PC's and Microsoft Word. Students will be provided with a blank formatted disk. If there are any changes in word processing equipment, students will be notified by the COEDU Coordinator of Graduate Studies at the time of application for the qualifying examination. Students may check for changes with the COEDU Coordinator of Graduate Studies beforehand if they so desire.

  4. On each day of the examination, the proctor will request a picture ID of the student for verification purposes before distributing test envelopes to each student.

  5. Students should supply their own pens, pencils, blank notepads, etc.

  6. Four hours are allotted for each session. If for some reason, the session does not begin on time, students will be allowed four hours from the starting time.

  7. During each administration session, the following will be available: One (or two) dictionaries, scissors, tape, stapler, liquid paper, or extra pencils. The COEDU Coordinator of Graduate Studies will provide the proctor with a packet containing these items.

  8. Students are allowed to leave the room for bathroom breaks, as necessary, for reasonable amounts of time.

  9. No smoking is allowed.

  10. At the conclusion of each session, students will be allowed a few additional minutes if needed to print a hard copy of their exams.

  11. Test envelopes, questions, and responses should be returned to the proctor at the conclusion of each session. The proctor will ensure that all examination responses are returned to the COEDU Coordinator of Graduate Studies.

Revised August 1998



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