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Advanced Graduate Handbook

Application to Graduate/Graduation Requirements

Students must apply to graduate during the semester in which they plan to complete degree requirements. A Graduate Degree Graduation Application (available online on the website of the Registrar's Office) must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar by the deadline noted in the Academic Calendar for the semester in which the student expects to graduate.

The deadline for submission is usually within the first four weeks of classes and is firm. The deadline is published in the current year's Graduate Catalog, the Schedule of Classes, on the Registrar's Office website, and on the website of the USF Office of Graduate Studies. It is recommended that students do not submit their Graduate Degree Graduation Application until they have consulted with their Major Professor and will have completed all degree requirements, including successful defense of the dissertation and submission of the dissertation to the USF Office of Graduate Studies by the published deadline. Students must be registered for a minimum of 2 dissertation credit hours in the semester in which they plan to graduate.

NOTE: Students will not be certified to graduate from a degree program until they have completed all requirements for the degree. The process of filing an application for degree or participating in the graduation ceremony does not assure certification for the degree. Students must be found to have completed all degree requirements by the deadlines established by the USF Registrar's Office to be certified for the degree in a given semester.

Students who do not graduate in the semester in which they had originally applied to graduate must reapply to graduate in the semester in which they will complete all degree requirements. They must submit a new Graduate Degree Graduation Application to the Registrar's Office by the application deadline in the semester in which the degree requirements will be met and must be registered for a minimum of two (2) dissertation credit hours in that semester.

Late Graduation Application

Students who file for graduation after the published University deadline will be considered late applicants. Late applications will not be processed or data entered by the Registrar's Office until the end of the semester and after the students who applied within the stated deadlines have been certified for degree. Once this has been done and diplomas mailed to these regular students, then the Registrar's Office will process and data enter the late graduation applications.

Students who believe that they have completed all degree requirements but who have filed a late application for graduation can register on line to participate in the commencement ceremony (; however, the names of these students will not appear in the commencement program.

Registration for commencement for late applicants is the responsibility of the student and should not be undertaken unless the student and the advisor believe that the student has met all requirements for degree certification. Participation in the commencement ceremony, however, does not ensure certification for degree.

If a student submits a late application and does not meet certification requirements for the degree during the semester in which graduation was sought, the student must file another graduation application by the deadline listed in the USF academic calendar for the following term.  

Commencement/Certification for Degree

Graduate students should not participate in commencement exercises until all requirements for the degree sought have been fulfilled. Certification for degree occurs at the College level.


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