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Advanced Graduate Handbook

General Degree Information

Application Deadlines

There are three University admission application deadlines each year: Fall, Spring, and Summer.  Please refer to the following website for detailed information about admissions:


Students should also check with the appropriate department or program for specific information on internal program deadlines and program specific admission requirements which may be different.


Graduate Admissions/Registration

Consult the current USF Graduate Catalog for University requirements for admission to graduate programs at:


Time Limitations Related to Admission

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) must have been taken not more than FIVE YEARS prior to the date of application for graduate admission. Exceptions to the time limit may be requested by the program on an individual basis and under special circumstances.  Requests are made in writing through the COEDU Coordinator of Graduate Studies. In all instances, an official GRE score must be available or presented to the USF Graduate Admissions Office for review.

Acceptance to graduate standing is granted for the semester and the particular program specified in the official University acceptance notification. Students must validate that acceptance by enrolling in at least one course in the semester indicated in the official acceptance notification. Failure to register for and complete a course in the semester in which the student is admitted invalidates the student's admission. Students who fail to validate their admission must notify the USF Office of Graduate Admissions (BEH 304) in writing. This must be done by the application deadline for the term desired.  The same process is used for students who wish to change their date of entrance. This process should be completed using the Deferment of Admissions form found online at (click on Forms, then Graduate Admissions Forms).

Academic Policies and Procedures

Consult the "Academic Policies" section of the current USF Graduate Catalog for general regulations related to course attendance, add/drop/withdrawal, change of degree program, continuous enrollment, choice of catalog, application for degree, commencement, and for specific regulations related to graduate degree programs.

Enrollment Requirements

All degree-seeking graduate students, excluding those admitted to candidacy, must be enrolled at least one term during the previous 12 months.  Students who are not enrolled for a minimum of one semester in a 12-month period will be dropped automatically from their degree program.  These students will automatically revert to non-degree status.  

Reinstatement to Graduate Program

A graduate student who is dropped from the degree program may apply for reinstatement of admission to the degree program using the Reinstatement of Admissions Request form on the Graduate Studies website. The student should include a rationale for the reinstatement as a part of the packet.  Students are reinstated under the admission criteria stipulated in the USF Graduate Catalog current at the time of their reinstatement and are subject to program requirements in effect at the time of their reinstatement.

Academic Standards/Probation

Graduate students must maintain an overall grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 ("B") in all courses. No grade below "C" will be accepted toward a graduate degree. This includes C- grades. All grades will be counted in computing the overall average. There is no Grade Forgiveness Policy in effect for graduate courses.  Students may repeat a course to improve the grade, but all grades earned in repeated courses will be computed in the GPA. 

Any graduate student who does not maintain an overal academic grade point average of "B" shall be placed on probationary status at the end of the semester, including the summer semester.  Students are notified of their probationary status by the Registar's Office through the students' Oasis accounts.

The COEDU Coordinator of Graduate Studies will notify the department chairperson and/or program advisor of the student's probationary status following notification from the Registrar's Office. Notificaton of probation shall then be made to the student in writing, by the appropriate department chairperson/school director or program coordinator, with copies to the COEDU Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, the COEDU Coordinator of Graduate Studies, and the USF Dean of Graduate Studies.  This letter shall include:

  1. a listing of the specific deficiencies that must be corrected in order for the student to be removed from probation and a comprehensive plan that describes how this will be done;
  2. the time frame within which this must occur (normally by the end of the probationary semester), and
  3. a statement that the student is subject to academic dismissal if the deadline is not met.

Please refer to the academic probation process described in "Academic Policies and Regulations," Section 7, of the online USF Graduate Catalog.

Auditing of Courses

Students may audit graduate-level courses with the instructor's approval.  Fees for audit are the same as for credit, except that out-of-state tuition is not charged.  Students must register for audit courses during the late registration period. 

Academic Grievance Process

The academic grievance process in the College of Education affords students an opportunity for the objective review of facts and events related to a student's complaint. This formal structure allows all who are involved in the grievance to participate in the process in an environment that is collegial and non-judicial.  For more information on the process of, and procedures for, filing an Academic Grievance, please refer to the online USF Graduate Catalog.


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Adv Grad Forms


Most forms are available on the COEDU website.  Go to the homepage, click on "Adv Grad forms" under "Important Information."

OR check the "Forms" web page of USF Graduate Studies

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