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Advanced Graduate Handbook

Performance Standards (Ph.D., Ed.D.)

Grade Point Average Requirement

Doctoral students must maintain a minimum overall grade point average of 3.0 (B). Grades below "C" (including "C-" grades) will not be accepted, but all grades will be computed in the overall average. Please refer to the academic probation process described in the online Graduate Catalog, Section 7.

Conditions for Receiving S/U and Z Grades

S/U Grades

The student may apply a maximum of 4 semester hours of work taken on a satisfactory/ unsatisfactory (S/U) basis toward the doctoral degree, in addition to Directed Research, Independent Study, Dissertation, Practicum, or Internship, which are awarded credit on an S/U basis. The student may not take courses in his/her major area on an S/U basis unless the courses are specifically designated S/U in the Graduate Catalog. Courses designated in the USF Graduate Catalog for credit on an S/U basis may not be taken for a letter grade.

Z Grades

The Z grade is used to indicate continuing registration in dissertation hours and extended internships in the School Psychology Program. Upon satisfactory completion of the dissertation or extended internship, the final grade will be changed to “S”.

"I" Grade Policy (Effective Fall 1992)

An "I" grade may be awarded at the discretion of the instructor only when the student is otherwise earning a passing grade and only if the incomplete is due to the omission or fault of the student. Students are advised to initiate a written contract for incomplete grades. The contract should include a description of the work to be completed, the date by which the work is to be submitted and should be approved and signed by the course instructor. Until removed, the "I" is not computed in the grade point average. If not removed after two terms (including summer), "I" grades will be converted to "IF" or "IU" (Incomplete-Fail/Unsatisfactory) and the grade will be computed in the grade point average. Students do not re-register for courses in which they are only completing previous course requirements to change an "I" grade. If a student wants to audit a course for review in order to complete course requirements, full fees must be paid.

All "I" grades for courses listed on the Program of Study form must be completed prior to clearance for the Qualifying Examination. All "I" grades assigned after the Fall of 1992 must be removed before graduation even if they are not a part of the student's planned program. ("I" grades earned prior to Fall 1992 are not subject to this policy.)

"I" Grade Policy Effective Fall 2008

If you are unable to complete a course due to illness or other circumstances beyond your control, you may request consideration for an “Incomplete” in your course.  Please review the current policy and the procedures posted to the Graduate School website at  The information links may be found at the top middle of the webpage.  Please pay particular attention to the deadline by which Incomplete Grade Contracts must be submitted to the Graduate School.

If you have any questions regarding this policy or the procedures, please contact Dr. Rick Pollenz (, Carol Hines-Cobb (, or Joseph Butts ( in the USF Graduate School.


"M" Grade Policy

A default grade of "M" indicates a missing grade and is reported on the transcript either if the grade was lost or was not submitted by the instructor. If not removed after one term (including summer), "M" grades will be converted to "MF" or "MU" (Missing - Fail or Unsatisfactory), and the grade will be computed in the grade point average. The "M" grade must be removed before graduation. A student will not be certified to graduate, if he/she has an outstanding "M" grade.

NOTE: A Change of Grade form submitted by the Instructor to the Registrar's Office (with a copy to the COEDU Graduate Studies Office) is needed to remove "I", "M" and "Z" grades.

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