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Admission to Candidacy

The COEDU Graduate Coordinator initiates the process for Admission to Candidacy by forwarding the "Admission to Candidacy" form to the Major Professor and the Department Chairperson for signatures indicating that requirements have been met.  The form can be found at, Click on "Advanced Graduate Forms"). 

The Admission to Candidacy process is initiated when the "Verification of Doctoral Qualifying Examination Results" form is submitted to the COEDU Graduate Studies Office, the student has completed all coursework listed on the signed planned program, all incomplete and missing grades have been removed, and the coursework listed on the student’s planned program reconciles with what appears on the student’s official transcript

The "Admission to Candidacy" form is returned to the COEDU Graduate Coordinator by the department, and is sent to the COEDU Associate Dean for Academic Affairs once a final review of the student’s file has been completed.  The Associate Dean signs the form in approval and sends the original and one copy to the USF Dean of Graduate Studies.  The Dean of Graduate Studies signs in approval and notifies the Registrar that the student is admitted to candidacy and may enroll for dissertation hours the semester immediately following the semester of admission to candidacy. 

The USF Office of Graduate Studies notifies the student that he or she is admitted to candidacy.  The original form is filed in the USF Office of Graduate Studies and a copy is returned to the COEDU Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, who then makes and sends one copy to the COEDU Coordinator of Graduate Studies, one copy to the Major Professor, and one copy to the Department Chairperson/ Program Coordinator.  A copy is also sent to the student with a letter from the COEDU Associate Dean for Academic Affairs notifying him/her of admission to candidacy.

NOTE:  Admission to Candidacy paperwork must be received in the Graduate School by the last day of classes for the semester.  Students may not enroll in dissertation hours until the semester following the semester of formal admission to candidacy.  Students who must register for coursework while awaiting admission to candidacy should register for Directed Research (#7910).  Students who wish to use this coursework to decrease the overall number of dissertation hours required should have their major professors submit a request in writing to the Coordinator of Graduate Studies, EDU 106.

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