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Welcome to MathVIDS!

A Resource for Teaching Mathematics to Struggling Learners

MathVIDS is an interactive website for teachers who are teaching mathematics to struggling learners made possible through funding by the Virginia Department of Education. The primary theme of MathVIDS is to help educators connect why struggling learners have difficutly learning matheamtics to effective instructional practices for these students. Use the navigation menus and links at the top of the page to explore the MathVIDS website and find information and resources pertinent to your interests and needs or click on "site index " at the top right hand corner for a quick overview of the website.

Important features of MathVIDS include:

  • Video models of real teachers in real classrooms using research-supported effective mathematics instruction for struggling learners
  • Teaching plans that describe how these instructiional practices can be integrated to teach important mathematical concepts
  • A special section on metacognitive learning strategies for mathematics
  • Accommodations and instructional modifications for specific types of learning difficulties
  • A specially designed "learning community" site that districts, schools, and teacher teams can use for professional development

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