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This Website has been developed for use by K-12 teachers.

A WebQuest is an instructional activity for students that encourages:

  1. self-paced instruction,

  1. individual accountability,

  2. guided self initiative,

  3. mastery of content, and

  4. higher level thinking. 

The WebQuest at this site have been created by USF Graduate students who are responsible for the content and methods in the WebQuest that they have authored. While each WebQuest is unique, the structure and format follow a consistent approach.

Each WebQuest is divided into two components:

The Teachers' Page is for the middle or high school instructor and consist of:

  • a lesson plan explanation;

  • links to content websites;

  • a PowerPoint Presentation to be used in class;

  • resources needed by the teacher such as handouts, maps, etc.;

The Students' Page is for the middle or high school student:

  • only the Students' Page address should be given to students as the starting point for their WebQuest (students should not be given the Instructor's page).
  • it will contain all the websites links and resources like graphic organizers, rubrics, maps, etc. for students to complete their WebQuest


This site was inaugurated in Spring of 2003 and it is anticipated that over the next few years WebQuest will become available in a number of subject areas, grade levels, and topics.

Please click on the subject area in the following table. Those Academic Domains in white boxes currently have WebQuest available for your use.

Art ELL English Music
Mathematics Performing Arts Sciences Special Education
Social Studies Instructional Technology    

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