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WebQuests Design Center

This Website is used by USF graduate students to develop Webquests for use by K-12 teachers and to serve as model for webquest development, in general.

A WebQuest is an instructional activity for students that encourages:

  1. self-paced instruction,
  2. individual accountability,
  3. guided self initiative,
  4. mastery of content, and
  5. higher level thinking. 

Each WebQuest is divided into two components:

The Teachers' Page is for the instructor and consist of:

  • a lesson plan explanation;
  • links to content websites;
  • a PowerPoint Presentation to be used in class;
  • resources needed by the teacher such as handouts, maps, etc.;
  • etc.

The Students' Page is for the student:

  • only the Students' Page address should be given to students as the starting point for their WebQuest (students should not be given the Instructor's page). 
  • it should contain all the websites and resources like graphic organizers, rubrics, maps, etc. for students to complete their WebQuest.

This site was inaugurated in Spring of 2003 and it is anticipated that over the next few years WebQuest will become available in a number of subject areas, grade levels, and topics. 

To Learn More about WebQuests:


WebQuest Architecture

  1. Create a Base Folder with your name as follows, rsmithdefault.htm.
  2. Create a Default.htm by clicking on this teacherspage.htm which is the template for the lesson plan and save or copy as default.htm. 
    • This lesson plan address should not be given to students or have a link from the webquest.htm because it may contain a test or exam.
    • The lesson plan should have links to all handouts, lecture notes, transparencies, PowerPoint presentations, etc. so that the teacher will have everything he or she needs to introduce the webquest, pre-teach the topic, and debrief the topic.
  3. Create a webquest.htm by clicking on this studentspage.htm which is the template for the webquest and save or copy as webquest.htm.
    • This students page is the address that should be given to students: It is where the webquest begins for the student once the instructor has introduced the webquest and pre-taught the topic.
    • Students should not be given the lesson plan home page address.
    • The webquest should be designed so that students can progress on their own within the webquest.htm. So, links to handouts, internet sites, graphic organizers, etc. should be accessed from the webquest.htm.
  4. Create a Link from the default.htm where it says "Student's Webquest"  to the webquest.htm. Make sure you set the link to open in a new page. All files should be following the pattern below

Folder Structure

rsmith Folder Name
  default.htm   lesson plan home page
  webquest.htm   webquest home page
  rsmith1.doc   web graphic organizer
  rsmith2.doc   map of England

The entire project should only consist of one folder. 

When submitting the disc, only the one folder should be on the disc and all non essential files should be removed.

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