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Social Studies WebQuests

USF's WebQuest is a publication of the College of Education by Master's Degree Students for fellow K-12 teachers and is edited by Ian Call and James A. Duplass.

Each WebQuest is divided into two components:

Teachers' Page is for the instructor and consist of:

  • a lesson plan explanation;
  • links to content websites;
  • a PowerPoint Presentation to be used in class;
  • resources needed by the teacher like, handouts, maps, etc.;
  • etc.

Students' Page is for the studentt.

  • Only the Students' Page address should be given to students as the starting point for their WebQuest (students should not be given the Instructor's page). 
  • It should contain all the websites and resources like graphic organizers, rubrics, maps, etc. for students to complete their WebQuest.

Please click on the subject area in the following table.  Only those with a white background currently have WebQuest.

 History Anthropology Eastern Civilization Economics
Geography  Philosophy LAW  Multicultural Education
American Government Psychology Religion Sociology
Western Civilization Women's Studies Science & Technology Comparative Government

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