USF's WebQuest 



Created by Naomi Oliver, 7th Grade Geography Teacher at Shields Middle School in Hillsborough County Florida. Please feel free to use this website, but reference the site where appropriate.



The Social Studies Department at the school is planning a trip for a group of students next year. They are trying to decide what country in Europe they should visit. In order to make the most informed decision possible, they want to research different countries. They will want to evaluate each country for its historical and cultural offerings.

You and your group will work together to research your assigned country, using the guidelines explained in the task and process portions of this website. Remember, your ultimate goal is to determine which country would be the best place for an educational trip, and in the end, the class will vote on which country seems like the best fit.




Since a trip to Europe is on the line here, your group will research, and try to persuade the rest of the class that your country is the best place to visit. To do this, you need to split into different "areas of expertise."


Your group will be responsible for constructing a PowerPoint presentation that you will show and discuss with the rest of the class. This PowerPoint should be well thought-out and put the best points forward for the country you researched. Each person will be required to create at least one slide for the presentation (at least the slide for their own topic area that they researched). Each person is required to participate in the presentation. As such, the PowerPoint needs to contain the following items:


CIA World Fact Book

This website is an excellent source for information related to countries.

Europe Unlimited

This is a very attractive website. It also provides links to some basic information, but then the user has the option to look at ýMoreţ information.

FactMonster.Com Country Information

Though this site does have some annoying pop-ups, it is full of great facts and information for different countries.

Geographia - Europe

This colorful and attractive site is easy to use and provides links to information related to a number of countries in Europe.

Global Edge ˝ Country Insights

This site provides very basic information related to different countries. From this specific page, it is possible to link to pages for different parts of the world, and then access information related to specific countries.

Info Please Countries of the World

Except for the sometimes annoying advertisements, this is another great site that is easy to maneuver.

Lonely Planet ˝ Europe

This website provides maps and general information related to different countries in Europe. The overall site has information for places all over the world, but I selected the address for the specific page that links to information in Europe.

U.S. Department of State Country Background Notes

The U.S. Department of State provides excellent information related to different countries in the world. This site includes a wide range of information that includes items related to the economy, the history, the political conditions and relations with the U.S.

Yahoo Regional Countries


I found this site to be a little annoying because it is a series of links to different things related to the different countries. However, students may like this site because it allows a little more freedom than some of the other sites just by the sheer number of links that you can access for one country at this one location.



You and your group will be graded on the following elements. You will also use this for self-assessment:



  Item to Grade

 Excellent (3)

 Satisfactory (2)

Needs Improvement  (1)

 Unsatisfactory (0)


Participation/ Cooperation (Group Assessment)

Full participation and cooperation

Some participation and cooperation

Difficult to work with, did not cooperate or participate much

No participation or cooperation, work was not completed


Quality of Research Slides Completed

Thoughtful and careful work produced quality slides

Slides were good, but were missing one or two elements

Slides were missing three or more elements

Slides were not even close to being completed and were missing most items


Input Included in Summary and Comparisons

Fully participated in all phases of the project

Participated reluctantly in the work completed

Did not participate much with the project

Did not participate with the group



Practiced and well though-out presentation

Decent presentation, though rushed and unrehearsed ˝ missed one or two points

Presentation was not thought-through and was difficult to follow

Did not participate in the presentation or exhibited obvious uncooperative attitude


Overall Group Work

Teacher determines participation and teamwork was excellent

Teacher determines participation and teamwork was satisfactory

Teacher determines participation and teamwork needed improvement

Teacher determines participation and teamwork was unsatisfactory










Now that you have a better understanding of a few of the different cultures and countries located in Europe, you also have a better understanding of how the history and culture of Europe has impacted, and is impacted by, the United States. You can also compare similarities and differences between the culture and history of these countries compared to the United States.

 This assignment has worked to sharpen your research skills, improved your technology skills, and increased your ability to launch a persuasive argument while working with others on a group project. To extend your learning or interaction with European history and culture you may want to visit this region through an educational exchange program such as Lions International Youth ExchangePeople to People, or EF Explore America. Or, you may want to visit the following websites: The History Channel, National Geographic, PBS, Encyclopedia Britannica, Wikipedia.