Journal Rubric



Nice Story (0 to 10 pts.)

A Memoir (11 to 20 pts.)

Get it published (21 to 30 pts.)

Television Movie (31 to 40 pts.)

Summer Blockbuster (41 to50 pts.)

Zero Sites Cited.

Very little creativity

Little or no historical accuracy

Very little human emotion or drama.

Zero Sites Cited.

Little creativity.

Little or some historical activity.

Some human emotion or drama.

At least one site cited.

Some creativity that shows students empathy for the soldiers.

Historical accuracy.  At least a few dates.

Human emotion and drama included in the writing.  Includes a few thoughts and feelings.

At least two sites cited.

Much creativity that shows students empathy and sympathy for the soldiers.

Lots of historical accuracy.  That includes many dates and even times.

Human emotion is accurate to what soldiers felt on D-Day and their feelings.

At least three sites cited.

Loads of creativity that shows students empathy and sympathy, including a unique student perspective of the events.

Full of historical accuracy.  Including dates, time, and names of soldier's friends and relatives.

Human emotion is strongly centered on what soldier's felt on D-Day.  Including their fears, hopes, regrets, etc.

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