USF's WebQuest 

Author:     Kathleen Melfy

Student's Assignment


Life today had a basis in the Middle Ages. We can trace many of our ideas and institutions to the social, cultural and economic standards of that time period. Your task will be to investigate various jobs and social interactions during both the early (dark) ages and the high middle ages. Be sure you include the social, cultural, and economic status of all people for your research, group presentation and essay.


  1. As a member of your team, you will be asked to investigate life in the Middle Ages. You will work on a group project, as well as write an individual essay to be graded.
  2. Your teacher will assign your group a job, person or social group that made up a major of people during the middle ages.
  3. You will complete research and assume the role of investigators, recorder and reporters.
  4. Your group will make a group report and complete a rubric on how your group worked together. You will grade each other for your participation. You will then compile individual essays on your life in the middle ages.
  5. Your oral presentations will be assigned a date for reporting and the class will grade your group as a whole. You will receive three different grades for this project.



  1. Among your group, you will decide who will be the researchers, recorders, writers, and the reporters. Research the information indicated for each of your roles.
  2. Complete your notes following your research. Please make sure that your include all the social, economic, cultural materials that are needed. Cite your sources

Group Meetings

  1. Each member should share information and come to a consensus on all issues.
  2. Take notes from each other's work, especially on any are where your information is not in detail.
  3. Decide how each individual will write an essay to turn in and how the group presentation will be created and presented. Be sure to think of props, maps and diagrams for your presentation.

Writing Your Essay

  1. After your group has finished all of its research prepare on outline for your essay.
  2. In your role, write an essay, which synthesizes all the information you have researched.

Design Your Presentation

  1. Upon completion of your essay, your group will make a presentation to the class. Be sure to include: visual aids and use a map or diagram of your resources. Artwork or costumes are a definite plus.





Click here for the rubric to this webquest.


You have successfully completed this WebQuest as a member of a team. You live in a global society where it becomes more important every day to learn to work with others. You will receive three grades on this assignment and your individual essay will be returned to you in a few days.

I hope that you enjoyed completing this WebQuest and will explore this area of research in the future.