USF's WebQuest 

WebQuest Title: Music and the Civil War

Author: Jack Fitch     

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Music was a vital part of the Civil War. Both the North and the South listened to it and had bands traveling with them. A War without music is like a a PB&J without the J!


Your mission, should you accept to choose it (actually, you don't have a choice) is this: You have been commissioned by both General Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee, the two titans of the Civil War, to play music for them during the Battle of the Wilderness. You know the battle will be a bloody one. These two Military Giants have been waiting for 3 years to have a chance at each other. Obviously you can not play for both of these men at once. You will decide which General you want to provide music for. The choice is yours. Good Luck.


1. Begin by pairing yourselves in groups of 3 students.

2. Within your group decide who will be the Surveyor, Correspondent, and Drum Major.

3. After each group member has completed their individual assignments, come back together as a group.

4. As a group, discuss your findings and based on your findings, come to a decision which General you would like to play for.

5. Create a PowerPoint presentation that includes: a map of the battlefield, the "war numbers," a copy of your correspondences between Generals Grant and Lee, two audio clip of a songs you will play for the Generals, and a picture of your "band." (The class picture, to be provided by the teacher. The final slide will be your decision as to which General you will play for, as well as a brief explanation as to why you chose to play for that side.

6. Present your PowerPoint to the class.


Your grading rubric can be found here: Rubric


Your resources can be found on the "Roles" page by clicking on the "Surveyor, Correspondent, and Drum Major" link.


Congratulations. You have successfully completed your mission. You managed to keep your men safe on the battlefield and kept them all alive (this is a good thing!). Regardless of which side you chose to play your music for, you played beautiful music. Hopefully you have an appreciation for the importance of music, especially during times of war.