The job of the Surveyor is to research the battlefield. You will be required to find a map of the battlefield, the positions of the forces, as well as the number of troops each side of the battle had. You will keep notes and write a short paragraph of your findings so that you will have them available to complete the final assignment.



The job of the Correspondent is to write letters to General Lee and General Grant. You need to explain to each one of them that the other has also asked your band to play during the battle. You need to let each one know that your decision will not be a personal one, but a logistical one based on the information the Surveyor is able to provide to you.


Drum Major

The job of the drum major is to find two music clips to include for the final project. You need to find one clip of Northern music and one clip of Southern music. Save these clips to the computer or a disk so that you can include them in your final assignment. Once the Surveyor has found a map of the battlefield, decide where the best place(s) would be to position your band so that you will be safe, but also still heard through the heat of the battle.