USF's WebQuest 

And the Winner is....

Awarding Women of Excellence

Holly Julian



    There are women in the spotlight for many reasons, and this webquest will have students compare women from many different aspects of life.  There is an award for women who have accomplished extraordinary things, or are remarkable for some particular reason, and the students are to be the judge.


        Assume you are on a panel of judges.  The panel is responsible for researching two women and nominating one of the women for the Lilith Prize, an award celebrating excellence among women.

The potential nominees are...

Oprah Winfrey Marie Curie Elizabeth I Catherine the Great Cleopatra Eleanor Roosevelt Harriet Tubman
Christina Aguilera Britney Spears Jennifer Lopez Venus Williams Lindsay Lohan Missy Elliott Madonna


        The students will first break into groups of four.  Each person will select the part he or she will research, each research area must be assigned, so negotiate amongst your group on who gets to do which part.  Once the roles are assigned, and the research is completed, gather all the information together, and become the judges panel.  These judges will compare the two women researched, analyze the contributions and impacts made by each, and decide on the woman to be nominated.  The panel of judges must justify their decision, there is no right or wrong decision, but reasons must be provided on why one woman stood out.  Examples of her work, leadership roles, any accomplishments or achievements should be provided in your justification.

 Once the nominee is selected, a presentation must be assembled by the group.  Each member must contribute equally, as you will be grading your own performance, as well as your group mates.  The presentation must include a prop of some sort, be creative! 


        The project is worth 100 points total. 


Family Background 10 points Place of birth, date of birth, family structure, as well as the political and cultural environment of the times should all be researched.
Educational Background 10 points High School, College, Course of Study, Training,...
Career Background 10 points Her beginnings as well as the Highlights, Achievements, Accomplishments
Impact on Society/Culture 10 points How did she make her name known?  In what ways, if any, did she  influence society, either past or present, and will she continue to influence future ones?
Justification 10 points A clearly worded, well thought explanation with references to specific accomplishments/achievements/activities to back your reasoning.
Presentation 25 points It must be neat, professional, and eye-catching.  The presentation needs to be well delivered (rehearsed) and from 7 to 10 minutes.
Creativity 25 points Just be original and put thought into this project!  Don't forget your prop- which can be anything appropriate to the subject matter.  (If you are unsure consult your teacher for approval)


        At the conclusion of the class presentations, all of the class members will be the final panel of judges and select one woman to receive the Lilith Award.  Each student will hand in their vote along with a short explanation for the choice.