Women's History:

How Much Do You Know?


1). Who was the first female U.S. astronaut?  Sally K. Ride, 1983

            Name any female astronauts.  The first woman in space was Russia's Valentina Tereshkova, 1962

2). Who was the first female  U.S. Senator?  Hattie Caraway, Arkansas, Nov. 1932

            Name any female U.S. Senators.  Anne Martin was the first to run in 1918

3). When did women earn the right to vote nationally?  1920, with the passing of the 19th Amendment

4). Who was the first female Nobel Prize winner?  Marie Curie, 1903, just 2 years after the establishment of the Nobel

            Name any female Nobel Prize winners.  (There are 34 total, to date)

5). What was the first college that enrolled female students?  Litchfield Female Academy, 1792, was the first institution of         higher learning for women; Oberlin College became first co-ed institute Sept., 1837. The first female only school was established in 1836, formerly Georgia Female College, now Wesleyan, it opened in 1839.  The first black women's college was opened in 1881, Spellman University

6). Who was the first female...

            Presidential Candidate?  Victoria Claflin Woodhull, 1872

            Nominated for President by major political party?  Margaret Chase Smith, Republican National Convention, S.F., Ca. 1964

            Vice presidential candidate of major political party?  Geraldine Ferraro, Democratic Party, 1984

7). How many female governors has Florida had?  None

            Name any female governors, current or past, from any state.  Nellie Tayloe Ross, Wyoming, 1924, took over for her husband,  Miriam Ferguson, elected, following her husband, Texas, 1924 also.  Ella Tambussi Grasso, 1974, Connecticut, without being married to a previous governor

8). Who was the first female judge?  Florence E. Allen, 1920

            Name the first female U.S. Supreme Court Justice.  Sandra Day O'Connor


9). What cabinet position was first held by a woman?  Secretary of Labor, 1933 by Frances Perkins

10). Who was the first female...

            Physician?  Elizabeth Blackwell, 1849

            Ordained Minister?  Antoinette Blackwell, 1853

            Elected Mayor?  Susanna Medora Salter, 1887, Argoria, Kansas

            Film Director?  Alice Guy Blache, 1896

            Director of a major corporation?  Lettie Pate Whitehead, 1934, Coca-Cola Corporation

109th U.S. Congress:

                There are 14, (14%), women serving in the Senate, 9 democrats and 5 republicans.  There are 66 women serving in the House, (15.2%), 43 democrats and 23 republicans. 

State Executive offices:

                There are currently 8 (16%) women governors (AZ, DE, HI, KS, LA, MI, CT, and WA), 6 democrats and 2 republicans.  Three of the states with female governors also have women serving in the Congress.

                There are 16 women Lt. Governors, 6 democrats and 10 republicans.

                No states have women in both of the top executive offices.

                There are 80 women in State Executive offices, but only 5 (6.2%) are women of color (African-American and Caribbean American)

The numbers of women serving in high level public offices are low but they are on the rise, with the exception of 1999 and 2005 S.E.O. numbers.

                                U.S. Congress                Statewide Elected Officials                State Legislature

1979                                3%                                        11%                                            10%

1989                                5%                                        14%                                            17%

1999                            12.1%                                    27.6%                                         22.4%

2005                            15.4%                                    25.4%                                         22.5%


Cabinet Positions:

                Eight Presidents have appointed women to Cabinet Positions or Cabinet-level positions, 5 republicans and 3 democrats.  Thirty women have held these positions.  Twenty-two of those women held Cabinet Posts, (16 democrats and 14 by republicans).

                1977- Patricia Robert Harris- First African-American woman to hold Cabinet Post.

                1997- Aida Alvarez- First Hispanic woman to hold Cabinet-level position.

                2001- Elaine Chao- First Asian-American to hold Cabinet Post.

                Dept. of Labor- 6 women Chiefs

                Dept. of Health and Human Services- 3 women Chiefs

                Depts. of Education, Housing, Urban Development, and Commerce- 2 each

                Dept. of Interior- currently has its first woman Chief

                The Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, Treasury, and Veteran's Affairs have had no women in their top position.

                Among the appointees:

                        12 attorneys

                        10 with academic backgrounds

                        21 held federal offices prior to appointment

                Currently, G. W. Bush appointed:

                                Secretary of Labor, Elaine Chao

                                Secretary of Interior, Gale Norton

                                Secretary of State, Condaleeza Rice

                                Secretary of Education, Margaret Spellings

                The most appointment of women was made by President Clinton, he made 14 appointments, for 13 women.  Madeline Allbright was appointed to two positions.