Women's History:

How Much Do You Know?


1). Who was the first female U.S. astronaut?

            Name any female astronauts.

2). Who was the first female  U.S. Senator?

            Name any female U.S. Senators.

3). When did women earn the right to vote nationally?

4). Who was the first female Nobel Prize winner?

            Name any female Nobel Prize winners.

5). What was the first college that enrolled female students?

6). Who was the first female...

            Presidential Candidate?

            Nominated for President by major political party?

            Vice presidential candidate of major political party?

7). How many female governors has Florida had?

            Name any female governors, current or past, from any state.

8). Who was the first female judge?

            Name the first female U.S. Supreme Court Justice.


9). What cabinet position was first held by a woman?

10). Who was the first female...


            Ordained Minister?

            Elected Mayor?

            Film Director?

            Director of a major corporation?