USF's WebQuest 

WebQuest Title:  What is Culture and How Does it Affect Me
Author: Alan Sweetland


Why Use the Internet

Scenario: One day during lunch, two students got into a fight. The fight started when one of the students made fun of the other student's lunch. The lunch was a traditional Greek meal. When the students got back to the classroom, a class meeting was held to discuss the incident. During the class discussion, the point was made that students need to respect each other's culture and heritage. One student said, "How can we respect a culture we don't really understand?" This question prompted the class to decide to go on a cultural fact finding mission. One student thought it would be fun to call themselves ëCultural Investigators.í To start off, the class decided to study Greek, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese cultures.


To explore and research the cultures and customs of the countries of Southern Europe and to develop an interest in other cultures. Students will use the power of the Internet for exploration of foreign cultures. You will learn information about different aspects of these cultures and cooperatively work with your teammates to gather and share knowledge. Students will also develop a respect and tolerance of people from different cultures. 


In order to complete your mission, you and your group will gather information about different aspects of each culture. To do this you will: 

1. Visit Internet sites about Greek, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese cultures.

2. Interview family members or people of these cultures.

3. Talk to the Art and Music teacher on your campus to get information about these cultures.

4. Visit the school's media center or public library to gather books and resources about these cultures.

5. Explore software such as Grolier's Encyclopedia, Encarta Encyclopedia, Kids' Culture and World Atlas to gather information.

6. Compare and contrast elements of cultural similarities and differences between these groups.

7. Keep a daily reflection journal to describe your feelings, impressions, questions, and comments as you research your culture.

Culminating Activity:


Demonstrate your understanding of the culture you researched by sharing your knowledge with the rest of your class in a Cultural Celebration which will include:


1. A group presentation that describes the aspects of the culture that your group researched. This should include:

2. A cultural museum created by all of the students in your culture group that should include:




 Greek Resources              Italy Resources  
>Follow Links for Cultural Information<
  Spain Resources   (Follow Maps for Geographical Information)        Portugal Resources  


The class will be divided into four groups, each investigating a different culture.


Each culture group will assign a student with researching one aspect of that culture.

Each group will create a group presentation with slides about the culture.

Aspects of each culture to be researched will be;

All of the groups studying each culture will work together cooperatively to create a cultural museum detailed in the task.

Each student will be keeping a daily journal about the culture they are studying.


Product Rubric

Process Rubric

Self-Evaluation Questions for Students

Questions should be answered in Reflection Journal



    Cultural Museum


Congratulations! You have completed your cultural mission! Through this WebQuest you have learned about different cultures and have gained a greater understanding of the characteristics and customs of culture. Answer the following questions in your reflection journal and then share with other classmates: