Resources for Greece


Background and Interesting Information:

History for Kids: Ancient Greece - Introduces kids to Ancient Greek history, environment, religion, philosophy, daily life, language, and more.


History Frame - Links and information on ancient Greek history. ... One of the great paradoxes of history is that the next hesitant advance of European civilization - the ... emerged on Crete . The history of Greece can be traced back to ...


Greece Geography - Greece is one of the oldest civilizations, dating back over 5000 years.

Art Sites:

Greek Art - Greek Artists - Greek art, including painters, sculptors, musicians, writers, poets, art links and much more.


Greece: Art & Culture - Greece : Art & Culture.


Ancient Greece - Art History of Ancient Greece - Art History - Ancient Greece . Review of the art in Ancient Greek.

Music Sites:

Greece Music: Information and descriptions of the music in Greece - Information and descriptions of Greece music with also much travel information such as history, mythology, archaeological sites, museums, traditions, greece pictures and hotels.


Greek Music - Here is an outline of greek music through the ages. Ancient Music is practically lost, although there are a few fragments surviving.

Food Sites:

Ancient Greece Food Information - Are you looking for ancient Greece food? This page provides new information on ancient Greece food.


Daily Life Ancient Greece for Kids & Teachers (Social Studies) - Daily Life in Ancient Greece . How would you have behaved if you had lived in ancient Sparta ?

Sites for Symbols:

The Greek Flag - The pattern and colors of the Greek Flag have changed somewhat since the Revolution of the Hellenic Nation in 1821.


European Symbols - European Symbols. Read the article on A Woman Rides the Bull Beast written in 1996.


Macedonian History - Protecting the cultural and linguistic heritage of Greece .

Celebration Sites:

Christmas Customs in Greece - The rich Christmas traditions celebrated in Greece , including kalandas, foods, and the Greek ... Christmas in Greece


Theofania Celebration Greece Hellas ,Hellenic in the Church of Agious Apostolous in Faliraki's Harbor - Theofania ton Foton, Greece Celebrations, Greek Orthodox Celebration, Greek traditions.


Oxi Day, 28th October - Today in Greece , celebrations of Oxi Day culminate in a large, lavish military parade.

Famous People/Role Model Sites:

The People of Crete - Minoans and Hellenic Greece - The People of Greece . Rising From Ancient Civilization.


People of Ideas in Ancient Greece - The Early Poets (750-600 BC) The Thinkers of Ionia and Magna Graecia (600-450 BC) Periclean Athens (450-325 BC) Socrates, Plato and Aristotle.


Odyssey/Greece/People - Who were the people of ancient Greece ? The ancient Greeks lived in city-states. Everyday people were repesented in Greek art.

Folktales/Legends/Poetry Sites:

Folk Tales of Greece - Folk Tales of Greece .


Folk Tales from Europe and the Five Themes - Folk Tales from Europe and the Five Themes


Your Guide to Greece and Cyprus! - History Recipes Superstitions Customs Myths Ancient Heroes Folk Tales Ancient Greeks.


Gypsy Tales: Folktales and Legends from Italy, Greece and Spain - From Spain , The Three Princesses presentation also features lively folk dances, including Italy 's tarantella and is underscored by engaging folk music.