Resources for Italy



Background and Interesting Information:

Umbria: The Green Heart of Italy - Discover the fabled region of Umbria ñ between Florence and Rome in central Italy . Gain a deeper understanding of this unique region, the green heart of Italy .


Hill Towns of Tuscany: Siena's Medieval Landscape - Explore quintessential Italy , central Tuscany . The stunning countryside of vineyards, wheat fields, dense forest and cypress trees inspired great native writers such as Bocaccio, Petrarch, and Poliziano.


Rome: The Eternal City - Discover one of the worldís greatest cities: Rome . Take an unparalleled opportunity to experience its legendary spirit and explore one of antiquity's greatest cities ñ home to the kings, emperors, and popes who shaped western civilization.

Art Sites:

Great Collections: Museums of Florence - Discover the magic of Florence : its culture, its art and its people. Gain an overview of Florentine history and discover her arts in important museum collections.


Italian Art Guide - Links to Italian art on the net - Italian Living and Italian Art.

WebMuseum: La Renaissance: Italy - La Renaissance: Italy . The "rebirth" of art in Italy was connected with the rediscovery of ancient philosophy, literature, and science.

Music Sites:

RootsWorld: Greek Music in Southern Italy - Grico: Greek Musical Traditions in Southern Italy


List of Italian Music Sites - Page with list of Italian sites about music, radios, radio, portals, Ciao Italy , a web about all good things Italian such as Fashion and Design, Wine and Food.


Music of Italy - Music of Italy . Music of the Fountains. Greetings, Fountains are everywhere in Italy . They serve as monuments and sources of drinking water.

Food Sites:

Food & Culture of  Tuscany - Learn to prepare traditional recipes from historic cities under expert guidance. Breathe in aromas and savor the flavor of foods as they are meant to be ñ training the palate as well as the hands and mind.


Italian - Eating and drinking in Italy . Eating out in Italy . Halpern's Guide. Northern Italy : A taste of Tratorria, gourmet food in Italy .


Delicious Italy - Bite-size portions of information for the independent visitor to Italy .


Ethnic Cuisine: Italy - Epiphany celebrations all through Italy in early January. Holy week and Easter celebrations throughout Italy , particularly beautiful in Rome .

Sites for Symbols:

Italy - Italia - Official web sites of Italy, the capital of Italy, art, culture, history, cities, airlines, embassies, tourist boards and newspapers.


Italy - Images and symbols of Italy .

Celebration Sites:

Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy Famous Location - Trevi Fountain, Rome , Italy .


The Villavallelonga Celebrations - Italy Page - The Villavallelonga Web Site is about the commune of Villavallelonga situated in the Abruzzi region of Italy .


Christmas in Italy (McGraw-Hill) - For All Students Highlights both the unique and the universal in Christmas celebrations in Italy . Traditional customs are explained, and exercises provide students experiences with the customs.


Mardi Gras - Carnival - Describes a variety of Carnival celebrations in Italy . One of the wildest is celebrated in Ivrea.

Famous People/Role Model Sites:

Famous People Research - Italian famous people. - Famous people - Frank Patterson bronze statue. Frank was born on 5th October 1938 in Clonmel.


People of Italy - Family is the Center of daily life in Italy . Life may appear relaxed, especially in small southern areas.

Folktales/Legends/Poetry Sites:

Leipold (1973) Folk tales of Italy - Eleven Italian tales include "The Bell of Atri," "The Frog who Became a Bride," and "That Scamp, Pulcinella.".


Children's Stories, courtesy of Whootie Owl - Looking for Multicultural Stories? We have plenty!


Gypsy Tales: Folktales and Legends from Italy, Greece and Spain - From Spain , The Three Princesses features lively folk dances, including Italy 's tarantella and is underscored by engaging folk music.