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Government WebQuests

USF's WebQuest is a publication of the College of Education by Master's Degree Students for fellow K-12 teachers and is edited by Ian Call and James A. Duplass.

Each WebQuest is divided into two components:

Teachers' Page is for the instructor and consist of:

  • a lesson plan explanation;
  • links to content websites;
  • a PowerPoint Presentation to be used in class;
  • resources needed by the teacher like, handouts, maps, etc.;
  • etc.

Students' Page is for the student.

  • only the Students' Page address should be given to students as the starting point for their WebQuest (students should not be given the Instructor's page). 
  • it should contain all the websites and resources like graphic organizers, rubrics, maps, etc. for students to complete their WebQuest.

Please click on the WebQuest Teachers" page and remember, students should not be given the Teachers' Page.

Ameena Zia
Teachers' Page: Prayer in Schools
Students' Page (click on Students' Page and give the address to the student)

Bisa Phillips Gilmore   
Teachers' Page: A Citizen’s Guide to the Bill of Rights
Students'  Page

Brian Lattin
Teachers' Page:The Lost Government & Constitution Framers Webquest
Students' Page

Christina Adams
Teachers' Page: Brown Vs. The Board of Education of Topeka Kansas / The 1954 Supreme Court Ruling that changed the history of education
Students' Page

Damian Wulff
eachers' Page: The Presidential Election Process
Students' Page

David Valdéz
Teachers' Page: The Civil Rights of the Mentally Ill
Students' Page

Fay Osborn 
Teachers' Page: Checks and Balances: The Students' Court: Historical Supreme Court Decisions  
Students' Page
John Holloman
Teachers' Page: Interest Groups and Public Policy  
Students' Page
Linda Bath
Teachers' Page: The First Political Parties 
Students' Page
 Michelle Williams
Teachers' Page: "Know Your Rights!!!" An in depth exploration into the first ten amendments to the US Constitution
Students' Page
Ryan Drake 
Teachers' Page: What Were They Thinking?  The Founders, the Enlightenment, the Classics, and Our Government 
Students' Page
Samina Khaliq 
Teachers' Page: WebQuest Title: How to Vote: Understanding Elections
Students' Page
Willie Walker  
Teachers' Page: From Monarchy to Democracy: The road to the American Revolution
Students' Page

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