USF's WebQuest 

A Citizen's Guide

to the Bill of Rights

Author: Bisa Phillips Gilmore


President Bush needs your help!!!


In a speech given to members of Congress, the President expressed great dismay over the American public's lack of knowledge and understanding of the Bill of Rights.  "Americans," he said, "have no idea what the Bill of Rights is about.  They think it's just some old paper that doesn't affect their lives. We, as political leaders, need to do something to show the people that the Bill of Rights is not only an important historical document, but also an essential part of our daily lives."


In the weeks that followed that speech, the President decided that a guide needed to be created that would teach citizens about the Bill of Rights and its importance.  In a bold move that still has Washington insiders buzzing, President Bush decided to have the guide created by high school students.  This would ensure that the guide would be modern, hip and accessible for the masses.


After sorting through numerous recommendations, the President finally chose THIS class of American Government students for this most important project. Congratulations on being hand-selected by the President!  The nation awaits your creation!


In order to complete your mission, you will work in groups to gather information about the Bill of Rights and its amendments.  To do this you will rely on your textbook, class notes, and internet sites.  You will use the information gathered by your group to create a Citizen's Guide to the Bill of Rights in PowerPoint format. 


Upon final approval by the President, a copy of your PowerPoint Citizen's Guide will be sent to every American citizen on a CD.  Your Guide will eventually be printed in brochure form to be used in schools throughout the country.


Dear Guide-Makers,


Thank you for agreeing to complete this very important task for me.  Your teacher assures me that you are all capable of completing the task in a manner that exceeds my expectations.  While I welcome your creativity, there are a few guiding principles that must be honored if you are to successfully complete this task.  I thank you in advance for your hard work and effort.



The President



  1. The class will be divided into groups of 5; each group is responsible for creating a Citizen's Guide to the Bill of Rights.

  2. Within your groups, decide who will assume each of the following roles:

  3. Once the roles have been determined, each group member should follow the links on the Resources page to study the Bill of Rights.

  4. Following the independent research time, your group should come back together to discuss your findings and, based on those findings, decide on an overall theme of your presentation.

  5. Create your Citizen's Guide as a PowerPoint presentation that includes:

    1. An introduction that catches the attention of average citizens

    2. Background information about the Bill of Rights

    3. At least one slide for each amendment, which must include:

      • a graphic (picture, cartoon, etc.)

      • an explanation of the amendment IN REGULAR WORDS

      • an explanation (with example) of the way(s) this amendment affects our lives

    4. At least two quotes

    5. At least two interesting facts

    6. A conclusion

  6. Present your Citizen's Guide to the Class.


The President enlisted the help of a research firm to gather information for your project.  The links below are designed to help you in the creation of your Citizen's Guide.  


Resources used in class:

WebQuest Resources:


Students will be evaluated on both their in-class presentation and their completed PowerPoint Citizen's Guides.  Links to the rubrics for both are below:


Congratulations!  You have completed your Citizen's Guide to the Bill of Rights!  Through this webquest, you have learned about the Bill of Rights and how its amendments affect your life on a daily basis. 

Answer the following questions in your reflection journal and then share them with other classmates: