USF's WebQuest 

Everybody take a moment of silence!

 What silence? 

Praying? Is praying allowed in school? What is going on here?

Author: Ameena Zia


Prayer in School is a controversial issue and one that is still problematic today. There are two sides to this debate. You will, in a group, research this subject and gain an understanding of why this topic is so debated. You will learn about the Godless Pledge, the Wall of Separation of Church and State, the Establishment Clause and other tidbits of facts you never knew. 

Since this debate effects and uses arguments from individuals following various religions we are going to also take a look at religion. In a time of turmoil and stress there is much need to understand the "other."  This webquest is designed to help you understand, reflect, relate and appreciate those different from yourself. 


Your job, as a group, will be to present on this topic and a specific religion (assigned to you by the teacher, ME)! You will then take all the information collected, sprinkle it with pictures and present it in a final project.  Along with this you will present the class with detailed information about the religion assigned to you , their rituals as it pertains to prayer, and how it is effected, if at all, by this.

To do so, you will be broken up into 6 groups of four.  Each person will be choose a role in the group:

You will give a presentation at the end of this unit. To aid in the presentation some sort of hard, tangible item needs to be handed into the teacher showing that you did do your job. This can be a visual, a report, a power point presentation, a poster anything the group wants, bearing in mind that the teacher must approve of it.  Be Creative in your selection and Good Luck!


1. You will be divided into groups of four.

2. You will then choose what role you would like to play in the group from:

NOW THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT THE PERSON IS IN CHARGE OF EVERYTHING. It is a GROUP PROJECT so ALL Help in Designing, Researching, Presenting and Writing. Collaborate with one another to be successful.

There is NO "I" in TEAM!

3. Visit the various links for both arguments, be familiar with the key terms, Write down information needed.

4. Brainstorm Ideas for the end Project. What is it going to be? How is it going to be done?

5. Visit the website of the Religion assigned to you:

6. View the Power Point Presentation on the World Religions.


7.  Write down information, Brainstorm for an idea of incorporating this into the project. In presentation Answer the Questions: Is this religion affected by Prayer in School? What are the Religion's rituals for Prayer?

8.  Put it all together and produce your end result: Project and Visual Aid. Be Creative! Good Luck! Enjoy!


The ISSUE Itself:

The OTHER Side:

STILL Controversial TODAY:


Category Superb Needs Work Poor
Respect for Group, Topic and Others Statements, Body Language, and responses were all appropriate and respectful. Once or Twice disrespected speakers, spoke in sarcastic tone, disrespectful in speech. Not consistently respectful, Sarcastic tone, behavior towards peers disrespectful and to subject.
Information of Topic All Information was accurate, clear, thorough and referenced. Missing some references, minute inaccuracies in content, not clear in statements. Information had several inaccuracies, very few references and credit given to other, not Clear.
Use Of Facts  All Points Mentioned and spoken on were critical to the subject, detailed, concise, showed connections. Did not flow, relevance was not explained, some facts left out, needed more detail to make it whole. Points were not supported, all facts were not there, argument was weak, could have researched more, not detailed.
Understanding of Topic All Group Members understood both the topic and religion. They took away some insight and could relate the two. Able to answer questions with rebuttals and facts. Some Group Members understood the material whereas others did not. Insight needed work, relevance of topic to the religion not explained. Not able to answer questions. Did not understand the topic, did not execute the project well. Needed more preparation. No relevance of connections made. Could not answer questions.
Presentation Style All spoke, Answered Questions mentioned in PPT and WebQuest. Executed the Topic and Argument well. Prepared! Kept Visual Eye Contact, Enthusiastic, Kept Audiences' Attention. Some just lingered while some spoke. Questions Not all answered. Needed more preparation. Made a little Eye Contact. Did not keep Audiences' Attention. Only one person spoke. Opinions and answers to questions not given. Unprepared for the argument assigned. Bored the Audience, Made very little to No Eye Contact Made.
Project Showed Creativity, All work and Detailed information presented. Cited information. Put in own Opinions. Concise and Detailed. Connected the topic to their Religion. Very Little Creativity. Needed more details. Some points cited others not. Only 1-2 opinions given. Religion and Topic were not connected. No Creativity. Straight block quotes. No opinions cited. Showed no relevance to Topic and Religion. No Structure. Very Little Detail.
Visual Persuasive, Live, All Inclusive. Included Religion. Had Captions. Explained why they chose certain pictures and statements in presentation. Connected to Project. Dull, Plastered Pictures in Random Order. Very few Captions. Did not explain relevance of Visual to Project. Very Little explanation provided. Last Minute Visual made. No order. Very Hard to make out. one to two captions placed on it. No explanation given about visual nor any mention of religion on it.

7 Categories to keep in Mind.


Well...Hopefully, You all had fun in this venture and learned a plethora of interesting facts. You learned to put your differences aside to learn about others and collaborate with your group members. You can now see that Prayer is ALLOWED in school; individual prayer that is, not "instill" prayer. Prayer in School is still a hot topic today as it was years ago with our Founding Fathers. You have through your own research and listening to your classmates seen which religions are affected by this controversial issue.  Further your intellect has been enhanced with the added flavor of those following other traditions.  All in All, I hope that you have learned something new about the world and yourself.