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A WebQuest for 7th Grade (Geography)

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Tanya GhoshDastidar



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Water Wisdom is an interactive Internet research and hands-on, active-learning project. The way the activity is designed discourages students from simply surfing the Web in an open-ended, unstructured way. There are six parts called building blocks to the web quest. The introduction, tasks, process, resources, evaluation and conclusion are the building blocks that comprise this well-knit Internet lesson. After a group of 3 to5 students interact with the links connected to this activity, they will develop a report which will reflect their ability to retrieve data from multiple resources and their increased critical thinking skills. 

After completion of this activity students will:
1. have a working knowledge of the internet and the use of links
2. scan text in order to extract appropriate information
3. understand Florida's water issues and usage
4. create a report on their findings
5. Answer questions pertaining to the lesson
6. work cooperatively


This Web Quest is intended for 7th grade students. But it can be easily extended to additional grades. This lesson is anchored in seventh grade Social Science and involves language arts and science to a lesser extent. 

Learners will need to know the physical map of the World and Florida prior to beginning this lesson. 

Resources Needed

Here is what is needed to implement this lesson:

  • Computer with Internet connection
  • Computer with PowerPoint software
  • Physical maps of the World and United States


Adequate planning and preparation is required when planning a WebQuest. As students learn to use WebQuests, constant communication between students within learning groups and between students and teachers is vital. The students will be evaluated using a rubric that is available in the student page of this WebQuest.


After completing this project, all members of the group will have:

1. A better understanding of water issues and usage
2. A working knowledge of the internet and the use of links
3. The ability to extract appropriate information into an organized document
4. The knowledge of how to extract appropriate information
5. An understanding of teamwork

Credits & References

Thank you for interacting with Water Wisdom. A lot of the information on this web quest is taken from the following web sites:



FAQs and General Water Information




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