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Collecting Information


 Learning Role                                                                  Learning Process

The Farmer Use these links to find out how much water is used in agriculture

Irrigation water use in America

Agricultural Irrigation

The Urbanite How much water are we using at home?

Water use at home

Domestic freshwater withdrawal map

The Historian Look at the history of water use in Florida:

The Green Swamp

How urbanization affects the hydrologic system?

The Reporter Find out the facts about:

How to save water indoors and outdoors?

Water Pollution

The Hydrologist Find out the facts about:

Domestic water use

Florida water conservation


Here are some more websites on water, that you can check out after you have finished your task.

Organizations involved with water - Promoting literacy in the biosciences
ASDCO - Association of State Dam Safety Officials
AWRA - American Water Resources Association
AWWA - American Water Works Association
Bell Museum of Natural History - The Watershed Game
Bridge - Oceanic Sciences Education Teacher Resource Center
Dynamic Great Lakes - Changes in the world's greatest freshwater system
EduGreen - A resource about water and the environment from India
FWEE - Foundation for Water and Energy Education
GLOBE - Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment
Global Water - Developing safe water projects worldwide
Hydro Research Foundation - Making hydro power understandable
KidzWorld - All types of areas to explore - including water
IAPWS - International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam
Lenntech - Water treatment solutions and facts
Lifewater International - Providing water-resources support to the rural poor
Lifewater Canada - Well drilling and handpumps for safe drinking water
NGWA - National Ground Water Association
OCC - Ohio Consumers' Counsel water page
Orpheum Children's Science Museum, Champaign, IL
Portage County Groundwater, Wisconsin
Renewable Energy - Re-Energy, Canady
Project WET - Water Education for Teachers
UWIN - Universities Water Information Network
US Water News Online
WEF (1) - Water Education Foundation
WEF (2) - Water Environment Federation
Water - Its structure and importance
Water and children's health - Worldwide information on water and children
Water for People - Information about worldwide access to safe drinking water
WaterUsers - Water Resources in India
WaterWiser - The Water Efficiency Clearinghouse
WOW - Water on the Web
World Water Forum
World Water Assessment Programme (UNESCO)

Government agencies

EPA - Environmental links for kids
EPA - American Heritage Rivers
USGS - The Learning Web
USGS - Water resources education resources
USGS - National Atlas of the U.S.
USGS GNIS- Geographic Names Information
USGS - Find/order USGS maps
USGS ESIC - Earth Science Information Center
USGS - A Primer on Water Quality
USGS - Search for USGS information
Providence Water Board
Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Water