1.    The class will be broken up into 6 groups. -day 1

2.    Each group will be assigned one of six topics: Either the physical or cultural geography of one of  

       the three regions of Vietnam (the north, the central highlands and the south) -day 1

3.    When the class goes to the media center, your groups assignment will be to use the web sites that 

        are listed on the web quest to help you research your topic. - day 1 & day 2

4.    After researching the data on your region, your group will need to create a power point

         presentation of 5 -7 slides that details the information about your region and includes pictures

         that show examples of the region. - day 2

5.    Your power point will be turned in to the teacher. 

        Your group will also be required to turn in the rough draft of your research notes with the sites

        noted as to where the research was found. - day 2

6.    Your group will need to appoint a spokesman to explain your power point to the class when the

         groups present the unit. - day 3


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