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Developed By Sharda Jagdish
India by virtue of its population is a country to reckon with. In the last decade, the country has gone through enormous changes with the growth of its economy. However, along with economic success, India has been plagued with political and religious conflict. The Hindu-Muslim conflict is an age-old one that started with the partition of 1947. The economic success has accelerated environmental problems like pollution. It has ruined beautiful architectural monuments like the Taj Mahal and is a great health hazard for the Indian people. In the midst of economic success and political and religious conflict, social issues like the welfare of the Dalits and women have been neglected. Against  the backdrop of pressing issues that the country has to deal with : the increasing politicization of its conflict with Pakistan over the Kashmir issue, terrorism,  sectarian violence, environmental concerns, rights of women and the untouchables (Dalits), etc., you have to decide which issue is the most important and has to be addressed. 

This webquest is designed for secondary Social Studies students from 7th grade onwards. Background knowledge of India is required.