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You will pursue your roles independently until enough information has been collected. You will need to investigate the background material necessary before reading the assigned materials on your respective role. This will help you to  make an informed decision. Then you will need to write a convincing argument on the issue you feel needs dire attention. Then it is time to present your argument to the group and convince them to support your issue. Then you will all work together as a group to resolve your differences and come to a consensus.
These are some points to bear in mind when working with your group:
  • Understand that your role may place you in conflict with another person's role.
  • The ultimate guiding question should be the welfare of the Indian people.
  • There should be a greater good that you as a group should work toward.
  • Often the most effective way would be to put yourselves in the shoes of the Indian people.
Here are some options for your final presentation
  • Concept Maps
  • Multimedia Presentation
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Flowcharts
  • Venn diagrams
  • Slides