The Life and Military Career of Napoleon Bonaparte 

For 10th-12th grade World History Students 

Designed by:

Robert Nichols

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The objective of this webquest is for students to learn, review and assess what they know about Napoleon, while working in pairs.  Napoleon Bonaparte is one of the most influential leaders in history, and depending on perspective, can be viewed as a hero or tyrant.  This webquest will provide students with information and links that will help them come to a decision based on their research.  It is also the intention of this site to activate prior knowledge, namely that which was given to them in the previous days of the Napoleon unit.  This webquest will have chronological steps that will help determine the outcome.  Each student will have an opportunity to work with a partner, but will be accountable for his or her own work also.  All work must be of journalistic quality.    



1. Pair up with your neighbor.  If there is an odd number of students, there may be a group of three.  

2. Ask each other to define the terms "hero" and "tyrant"

3. List some of the criteria of the terms that can be agreed upon by everyone in the group.  

4. Research the websites, keeping in mind that you are looking for criteria to match "hero" or "tyrant", in reference to Napoleon, and document information from all sites that apply.  

5. Each pair must produce a one page summary of facts, which they deem crucial in determining whether Napoleon was a hero or tyrant. 

6. Each group will learn to work together, and will be responsible for a group presentation.

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1. Thoroughly read all directions.

2. After pairing up, students will write the terms "hero" and "tyrant" and brainstorm for ideas that define the terms.  After criteria has been set, students will browse the internet for pictures and facts that they will use to defend their position on Napoleon.  A list of helpful websites is included under the "websites" link at the top of the page.  Students will also be encouraged to find information on their own.       

3. After researching the topic, write a 5 paragraph essay defending your position on "hero" or "tyrant".  Essays must be written, and will be graded, using AP style.  An AP style website will also be included under the websites link.

4. Essays (and any graphs, maps or pictures) will be presented and defended during the last part of the second day of the webquest.  Essays will be collected after the presentation.  No answers will be wrong, they just need to be backed up with solid research.  Essays can be done in comparative analysis.  

5. When researching, ask questions that will elicit answers about what Napoleon did for the French Revolution or how it affected French society (for better or worse?).     

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  Amateur Acceptable Admirable Exceptional Score
Gained knowledge about content and historical perspectives Unclear thesis and lacks details Needs much clarity and requires deeper research Stance is clear and there is some use of details Very clear thesis, strong use of details, evidence and sources.     
Showed ability to research and document information critical to the lesson Information came from one or two sites.  Information was not extracted in a logical method in reference to taking a position Information came from limited sources and students were not able to extract and document many details  Information from multiple sources and students are able to analyze with help from teacher Information gathered from multiple sources and documented properly.  Shows ability to analyze and take a position on extracted material  
Demonstrated ability to work effectively with group members Only one actively participates and the other does the work. Both members show some input and are responsible for some work All members participate and most responsibility is evenly shared All group members enthusiastically participated and responsibility is shared evenly.  
Demonstrated ability to present information in a well organized and accurate manner.    Audience could not hold attention.  Many errors of fact and grammatically incorrect.   Delivery not smooth, but audience able to withstand.  Most facts and rules are abided by  Fairly smooth delivery, facts are correct and most rules are adhered to  Smooth, well rehearsed delivery, factually accurate and all AP rules adhered to  

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1. Students will have a better understanding of the life and military career of Napoleon Bonaparte.

2. Students will better understand AP style.

3. Students will have a better understanding of how to navigate and do research on the internet.

4. Students will strengthen their paired learning skills.  

5. Students will get practice at doing oral presentations.

6. Students will learn how to research for a presentation.  

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Thank you for your interest in the Napoleon webquest.  Much of it has been loosely based on the following website. 

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