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Students submit and conduct extensive research using appropriate resources.н They gather more material than they eventually use, resulting in a high level of precision.


Students gather information from three or four appropriate varied sources.н For example, they use the Internet or magazines as well as general encyclopedias.

Students gather information from one or two appropriate sources.н They may rely very heavily on only one of the sources.

Students use only one reference source to prepare for their research resulting in a limited understanding of the subject.








The presentation is an excellent representation of the scene or topic being studied. нStudents exhibit a thorough understanding of how their information relates to the world.

Students use their visuals to accurately depict a particular scene or phenomenon.н Students can explain how their visuals relate to their subject at hand.

Students create a visual that demonstrates a particular scene or phenomenon.н They mostly understand how their visual relates to the real world.

The visual shows a scene or demonstrates a phenomenon, but it contains errors or incongruous elements, such as a human and dinosaur in the same scene.


The information is very well organized, logically ordered, and easy to follow.н Students include interesting and appropriate examples to support their main points.

Students convey the information in a logical order, and the presentation is easy to follow and understand.

Students present information in a logical order.н Generally, the supporting details follow the main points.

The information is not presented logically, and supporting details are either missing or misplaced.








Students are enthusiastic during the presentation.н They enunciate clearly, project well, maintain eye contact with their audience, and speak in complete sentences.

Students are engaged during the presentation.н They enunciate clearly, project well, and speak mostly in complete sentences.

Students present their material clearly and try to maintain eye contact.

Students come across as disinterested during the presentation.н They may be hard to understand and speak in fragmented sentences.