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Title Overview Introduction Questions/Task Process Resources Evaluation Conclusion




"World Geography Action News" is a webquest designed to have students learn about a specific country in detail and to provide information to an audience that will inform them about current events of other countries.  Students will work as a team and will prepare a "live news broadcast" for a randomly selected country.  No groups will have the same country.


Title Overview Introduction Questions/Task Process Resources Evaluation Conclusion



Your team has been informed that you are to prepare a "live news broadcast" of a country's current events.  Your broadcast will include international, national and local events.  Newsflash....WGCANDO has just been informed with international updates from around the world.  Our broadcasting crew includes several distinguished reporters such as Katie Cure-all, Latt Mauer, Al Kingpin and Ann Slurry.  News teams will prepare special news segments on their country.  Collective reporting experiences will include the use  of microphones and live videotape appearances.


Title Overview Introduction Questions/Task Process Resources Evaluation Conclusion



Each group will be referred to as news teams and will consist of 5 to 6 persons.  The roles include: two anchorpersons, a meteorologist, a sports reporter and one or two infield reporters/photojournalists.  You are required to research your country and learn all you can about current events taking place.  Topics will include current and major events, foreign relations, weather conditions, sports events and the state of the environment, economy and political scene.  All reporters must double as the travel reporters sharing the responsibility for giving information on travel conditions and sightseeing in their assigned country. 

Once your research is completed, your news team will create and utilize the appropriate visuals for your news segment.  The news team will collaborate on the sequence of their presentation and will use microphones, background displays, charts/graphs and videotaping  to make the broadcast "live".  Each news team member has specific requirements to meet when preparing their segment. 

Initial planning is required to assure each team member knows their specialty area and that no duplication occurs.  You are working on time deadlines as the news must be reported in an efficient, professional manner with factual information.  During your first planning meeting, your news team will need to decide who will fill what role.  Roles are below and each link will take you to information for that individual.

News Anchors          Meteorologist         Sports Reporter          Field Reporters



Title Overview Introduction Questions/Task Process Resources Evaluation Conclusion



1. Your group's first task is to read the Overview and Quest(ions)/Task.  Once your group completes the initial preview of the Web Quest, the group will see the teacher to draw for their country.  Each group will have a different country.

2. After finding out your country, your news team will read the information on each of the news team roles.

3. The new team needs to read the rubric and understand what will be assessed.  The rubric is found in the Evaluation section.  It is important to understand that members are responsible for a certain task and the final presentation requires the members to collaboratively develop their news report.  Each role has a page that describes their responsibilities and questions that need to be answered in their page.

News Anchors          Meteorologist         Sports Reporter          Field Reporters

4.  After the news team has reviewed their individual roles, members decide who will be which role.  The news team needs to have a meeting where each person orally outlines their responsibilities.

5. The next step will be individual research.  The Resources section of the Web Quest contains the links to web sites that will help each member complete their individual tasks.  Resources may include books.  On line research will be conducted in the computer lab.

6. When the news team completes their research, each member will need to outline what their presentation will contain.  The news team will meet and collaborate on what their presentation will contain,  how it will be presented and what will be their contribution.

7. Once the committee agrees on the presentation content, the news team needs to organize the production of the broadcast in the media center.

8.  The time frame to complete the Web Quest will be five class periods.  Three days for research and two days of broadcast preparation.  GOOD LUCK!




Title Overview Introduction Questions/Task Process Resources Evaluation Conclusion



News team members will have access to the Internet and the resource sites listed below.  Along with the Internet, the following reference books are available.

The Nystrom Atlas of Our Country

Scholastic Encyclopedia of the World

Classroom Encyclopedias

Current News                                                                            Country Maps & Atlases

CIA World Fact Book 2002         National Atlas of the United States

World at your Fingertips                                        Atlapedia Online

CNN Interactive 

Today on ESPN

The Weather Channel  

General Facts                                                                           Pictorial Information

Your Nation - Country Comparisons                    National Geographic Society

United Nations

U.S. Census Bureau

Country Reports

Other references

United Nations Environment Programs

Time Magazine

 Governments of the World Wide Web

 World Health Organization



Title Overview Introduction Questions/Task Process Resources Evaluation Conclusion



The final piece is a performance assessment and will be assessed using a rubric.  Each student will be given an individual grade based upon their role requirements of the news team.  Part of the individual grade will be determined by their contribution to the group.  Click n Rubric Assessment below for details.

Rubric Assessment


Title Overview Introduction Questions/Task Process Resources Evaluation Conclusion



In your group, discuss each question and have one student submit to the teacher your group's responses.

    1. What problems did your group encounter and how did you deal with them?

    2. What is your group most proud of in regards to your completed presentation?

    3. What would your group do differently in completing the Web Quest again?

    4. In comparing your videotaped presentation with other news teams, how would you compare your groups'              presentation to theirs. 



Title Overview Introduction Questions/Task Process Resources Evaluation Conclusion