Unit Plan Overview


Overview Geography and History of Florida:


Overview:  In this unit, using the growth and development of Floridaís interstate system as part of a post World War II military expansion, students will develop an understanding of the Geography and History of Florida.


Standards and Benchmarks:





        Students will be able to know the location of major Florida metropolitan locations including the State Capital.

        Students will understand the makeup of Florida culture and the historical significance.

        Students will describe the major events from the founding of Florida to present day.

        Students will be able to discuss the factors why the interstate system is located as it is today.



Launch:  Students will watch the first 20 minutes from ìBlast from the Pastî reflecting the Cuban Missile Crisis, why America feared the ëRed Menaceí and to understand why Interstates were constructed in the first place. 


Guiding Questions: