Day 5


Unit Roundup


Grade Level: Secondary


Geographic Theme:


Location, Place, Human-Environment Interaction.




After completing the other lesson plans of this ëFloridaí unit the students will be able to bring it all together.




After completing all parts of the unit, students will be able to answer questions about Floridaís geography and history as a general overview.




One class period




Initially remaining in their groups, we discuss together the various aspects of Florida. The instructor will ask the students to remain in character of their investigatory persons i.e. I would ask the Historian background questions of the state, the Environmentalist about ecological impacts and planning and the businessman economic activity questions. The teams will be allowed to refer their reports and can confer with other ëexpertsí on the team. This will serve as a review for the exam they are about to take.




        Research notes they have taken for their upcoming reports