Day 3


Web quest


Grade Level:  Middle School (6, 7 or 8)


Geographic and Historical Theme:


Location and Place.  Floridaís general historical overview since its founding by the Spaniards.




Florida has a vast rich heritage and as yet has poor coverage in Hillsborough County curriculum, together we are going on an adventure to discover what Florida is really about!




Through an investigatory web quest, students will be able to answer questions about Florida and be able to combine this and other Florida studies to complete an end of unit examination.




One to two class periods, depending on the rate and amount of lab time available to complete.




Following the directions on the web quest, students will guide themselves through several websites, amassing further research about the listed cities on their maps from basic geographical data.  Students will also be asked to read specific articles from the Florida Center for Instructional Technologyís website.  From this, the students will produce a report of their findings.







Completed projects/reports and integral map. End of Unit quiz/exam