Daily Lessons and Activities:


Day 1/2


Cities of Florida


Grade Level:  Secondary


Geographic Theme:


Place (site), Location, Human-Environmental Interaction




Discussing the aspects of city location and placement, students will use their geographical skills to plot the major cities of Florida and its relative location to the rest of the states.




One Class Period




Gives students hands on work in planning, allows students to apply concepts/skills learned in class.




Initially the PowerPoint entitled Highways and Byways will be used to introduce the students to basic geographical and historical events that have effected this state, discussing these elements as the presentation proceeds


  1. Discuss site and advantages of one site over another
    1. Why a city would be built on a particular site
    2. What special types of infrastructure would a particular site need
  2. Discuss elements of physical landscape and elements of cultural landscape, i.e., where should waste be deposited, where should roads lead, where does the city get its water, what type of energy could be manufactured, etc.
  3. List things that are included on maps (Note: the map that students will be producing is going to be very general, so do not over discuss elements of maps).
  4. After discussion generalities of geography, introduce the students to the Florida outline resource map and using the overhead, plot onto the map the following cities:



    1. Tampa
    2. Miami
    3. Fort Lauderdale
    4. Jacksonville
    5. Naples
    6. Pensacola
    7. Fort Myers
    8. Orlando
    9. Gainesville
    10. West Palm Beach
    11. Daytona Beach
    12. Tallahassee


  1. The students are to label the map using a key, utilizing a symbol of their own choice for the cities.  The key should be placed in the lower left of the map outline page.
  2. Discuss with the students the commonalties of these cities location.
  3. As a bonus follow up question, ask as to why Orlando is located where it is?
  4. Together using the overhead, plot the outlines of the major interstate routes through Florida.
  5. Discuss the economic advantages of being near an interstate system (traffic, commerce, tourism, etc.).  Students may want to take notes on this discussion.




        Outline Map of Florida.

        Colored Pencils

        www.randmacnally.com (to attain the road map of Florida to put on an overhead).





Students who plotted their maps with the best accuracy will receive the highest grades.








Map Outline Florida