This chart, called a Rubric, tells you how to get a good grade on this assignment.

  4-Excellent 3-Good 2-Lacking 1-Poor  
Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation All grammar, spelling, and punctuation is correct. Few mistakes are made in grammar, spelling, or punctuation. Frequent mistakes are made with attempts to correct. Obvious that no attempt was made to edit the paper for grammatical or spelling mistakes.   
Completion of assigned tasks The directions followed under the chosen role were followed explicitly.  Statements are supported with concrete facts from research and the character was well thought out.  The writing showed imagination on the part of the author. The directions under the chosen role were followed.  The ideas expressed were backed up with evidence, but the points were not well thought out or imaginative. Some attempts were made to follow the directions under the chose role.  Little evidence of research is shown and points are stated without backing. No directions were followed at all.  
Creativity A paper which showed a unique ability to tie the many different thoughts found in research together.  The ideas were presented in an original  and factual manner. Showed ability to synthesize original ideas from the research done yet little creative writing shown. A paper which states nothing more than the obvious information presented in the research.  Showed little effort in research and writing.  No imagination in paper.  
Oral Presentation Presenter did not utilize any aids in giving their presentation, and obviously was knowledgeable about topic. The presenter was slightly dependant on notes when speaking on the topic yet it was easy to see that presenter was comfortable in their knowledge of their chose character. Presenter was very dependant on notes on subject and knew little about their character. Presenter was completely dependent on notes on subject and obviously knew nothing about their character.