Confederate Roles

Confederate Soldier

Notice the different races of the above Confederate soldiers.  Soldiers of the Confederacy came from many different backgrounds and states of the Confederacy.  Make sure in your writing that you list which state you come from and why your state seceded, your age, what you did for a living before the war,  and if you are married.  Discuss some of the hardships you are facing in the army, what battles you have been a part of and things you have seen in the battles.  Talk about your feelings about slavery and last but not least for what reason you are fighting. 


Confederate Officer

Above is a picture of Robert E. Lee.  Many Confederate officers, like yourself and General Lee, were trained at West Point along side Union officers.  State where you received your military training, which Union generals, if any, you were in school with and how this could effect the war.  Discuss your background including what state you come from and what type of work your parents did.  Tell why you decided to leave the United States army, what advantages and disadvantages your army has over the Union army, and what drives you to fight. Discuss some of the battles you have taken part in and some of the things you have seen.  Let us know if you are married and where your wife is while you are fighting.  Finally, let us know what you plan to do after the war is over.   


Mary Chesnut is a famous aristocrat from the South well known for her diary from the Civil War. You, like herself, represent a small percentage of the citizens of the Confederacy, yet your class controsl a majority of the wealth.  Make sure and discuss how many slaves you own if any, what type of crops you have on your plantation, what state you live in, and why you are not fighting in the war.  Also discuss your views on slavery including the morality of it and why you agreed with seceding from the Union.


Above is Alexander Stephens, vice president of the Confederacy. He was, like yourself, part of  the driving force behind secession.  You are a politician in the Confederacy.  Make sure and tell what state you are from, why you so vehemently support secession, the problems you are facing in the new Confederate government, what your career is outside of politics.  Discuss your position on slavery, the type of government you wish the Confederacy to become, and how you plan to get European recognition for your country.


This picture is of Wilmer McLean someone who was a normal Confederate civilian just like you.  Tell us which state you are from, which side you support, Confederate or Union, where you stand on slavery, why you think they are fighting the war, and why you are not fighting.  Make sure and let us know if you are a man or a woman and what your occupation is.  


These are slaves who stopped work to pose for a picture.  The house you see is their "work cabin" and not their living quarters.  You are a slave, just like them, in a Confederate state.  Let us know what state you live in, who your master is, what type of plantation you live on, what your job is on the plantation, and what you think about the war.  Also, tell us if and how many times you have been sold, what you think of your master, and let us know why you have not left your plantation.