Johnny Rebel or Billy Yankee - A Civil War Choice


This webquest is designed to help you understand the perspectives of the many people involved in the Civil War.  The American Civil War is one of the most ironic wars in history with so many people politicking, speaking out, and finally fighting over what they all considered to be the same thing - freedom.  In this exercise, you will come to understand how perspective defined the way each of these people came up with their own idea of what freedom meant.




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You see the Confederate States of America's third National flag on the left and a Union flag on the right.  Each flag is a link to five unique characters for the respective side of the Civil War.  You must review each character.  You will be required to choose one of these characters, research the internet, and write a paper creating a personality for your fictional character.  You must state and defend your positions on the listed topics all of which were central ideas in the Civil War.  You will also be required to make a brief two to three minute presentation on your character. 



Look through all ten character options offered to you.  Choose two on each side that you are interested in and write them down in order on a piece of paper.  At the beginning of the next day of class, you will be assigned a character from your choices if possible.  Please note that the class will be evenly distributed among the ten in order make sure you are all not choosing the same character or characters..

You will be required to research your character using the internet.  Utilizing diary entries, speeches, and information gathered from the third person to get an idea of how your character might think, feel and act regarding certain issues central to the Civil War.  Do not forget while you are writing that the Civil War is still raging on and the outcome is uncertain. 

You will be required to take on the role you choose and write a two page paper, typed, double spaced, about your character.  In this paper, you will synthesize from your research your own ideas on who you are and where you stand on the issues listed underneath you character.  Through these things, we should have a clear idea of who you are and where you stand regarding the Civil War.  Make sure and give yourself a name as well.  As stated before, you will be required to give a short presentation of your character in class. 




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